PC Compatibility Concerns


So I was just looking at PC specs for Evolve on the site and it says you need Windows 7 64 bit. I have a Windows 8 and I pre-ordered Evolve when it was first being announced. Does this mean it won’t work on my PC? If so then I can’t get Evolve which is the biggest buzzkill and disappointment for me since I’ve supported this game since it’s early recognition days ;-;

Here’s the link: http://evolvegame.com/news/evolve-pc-specs-revealed


That’s the minimum requirements, since you have a newer version I would say you’re good to go


Most games tend to work fine on 7 and 8. I will be shocked if they screw up windows 8 compatibility


Same here! I was about to be like, “You gotta be ****ing kidding me…” haha


The alpha worked on my machine, it is Windows 8 64bit


Yeah, Windows 8.1 64bit here, no issues with Alphas, I hope none with Betas too. For people running Windows 8, upgrade to 8.1, trust me i’m a doctor.*

  • dramatization. Not really a doctor, actor portraying as doctor.


Don’t worry, whenever something says it needs X software, having a newer version generally works. This is the case with PC gaming. Windows 8 works. (=


The question has been answered.

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