[PC] Characters running frozen in place issue


The game usually plays fine on my PC and no issues. But every now and then the game seems to hang for no obvious reason. Other players are stuck running frozen in place and/or carrying out their last action (whether it be shooting an egg or flying through the air) they are just stuck in an endless loop.

I’m still able to communicate via chat and my internet is still connected, so I’m not 100% sure what the issue is? If I leave the game and rejoin I am able to carry on where I left off (granted, someone hasn’t already filled my place). I am also able to run around the map freely and shoot some of the weapons, just every character/wildlife/monster is stuck in place.

Anyone having a similar issue? Or can suggest a way to stop this? It’s a little frustrating when you are in a good game with a nice group of people, just to be forced to leave as the game is just stuck!

Router seems to have a log saying “DHCP REBIND WARNING - Field invalid in response” and “DHCP RENEW sent - No response for IPv4” but I’m not really network savvy to know if this is linked, or just coincidence. :frowning: I haven’t had problems like this when playing online games in the past, so I’m a bit stumped. :expressionless:

Edit: I am in the UK and my ISP is Virgin Media and I’m using their SuperHub