PC building advise and instructions thread


That is extremely helpful! Thank you so much for taking this time! I’m guessing that you are referring to my proposed swap out components?


Yes, the Ryzen and motherboard you mentioned sound like a good fit :slight_smile: I would even suggest looking into an AMD GPU since they tend to be a bit cheaper and are DirectX12 compatible so it’s better in the long run.

I personally have a RX 480 and strongly recommend that card.


RX 480. And that should be compatible. I may look at its successors first


pretty accurate. If anything DarkHardie could probably spend a bit less on CPU, motherboard, power supply and go without extra coolers (unless living on really hot countrys) and lose no performance with the GTX1060 as you don’t intend to overclock (which isn’t that big of a deal)

If I was to buy a new computer I’d definetely go with a Ryzen. It’s been one of the most exciting news on hardware components becuase AMD couldn’t compete with Intel Corei# but those new Ryzen are now delivering impressive results, better than intel’s for the money.

I’ve got nothing against AMD GPUs (haven’t watch any benchmarks from them comparing to NVidias in a while so I can’t much) but DirectX 12 is not a reason to go with AMD. Even last genertion GTX9X0 were DX12 compatible and so are the new GTX10X0

edit: You can probably go as low as a 450 power supply with the GTX1060

I find that people around here usually recommends too expensive hardware for mid-end graphics cards :stuck_out_tongue:


And just like that I am back to being confused.


Believe me, if you want to be confused is about being able to spend less money, not more :stuck_out_tongue:


I meant more with hardware numbers and terminology, but cheers.


The best thing to do is take the time to understand what you’re doing. It’ll help you more in the long run.



"If it looks stupid, but works…

It’s not stupid"


Wrong. Very very wrong.



Right! Cleaning out me PC
######because I hadn’t done so in 3 years
Went with compressed air through the hard to reach spots (fans and crevices), and a fiber cloth over the large surfaces of the case itself.

(Shitty cable management just for @TheMountainThatRoars)

Also, just FYI, using a normal wine bottle for scale:

…don’t buy a case this large. Just, don’t xD




From the front it looks slight better than absolutely horrendous, right? :sweat_smile::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t want to brag but…
My beast <3

It took me many months to plan the above perfection and in case anyone is wondering about some of the more nuanced points of the build and materials used I will explain.
Most of the cables run down the middle of the case and as you can see give a rather special waterfall type effect.
The CPU fan is held onto the heatsink with string which is great for the environment and useful if I ever need string to make a trap or play with cat (unintentional rhyme).

The thing hanging on the front of the logitech control unit is the cpu fan controller and is always full speed because white noise is awesome.

Top right sees 3 hard drives held to the case with elastic cord. This completely stops any annoying irregular noises from the hard drives which drive me nuts. Constant white noise is fine, stop start noises are not : |

Below sees a hard drive that is sitting rather neatly on a large bag of moisturiser. The elastic would be possible here but harder so I just shoved it in there and now the hard drive sits merrily upon its slippery throne. It’s only fallen off once.

Those are the key points. Anyone who wants to learn about creating a build like this can indeed do so for the low payment of something cat related.


I just can’t…


There there mountain, it’s ok…s’ok
Takes years to get this good with computers. You can’t expect to just wade in and knock out a god killer like this. Just take your time and honestly? Get smashed before building your computer.


The more I look at it, the worse it gets…


Aww man, you know how to compliment a guy :smiley: