PC building advise and instructions thread


You really went all out with that.

I approve.


Anybody know where I can get a gtx 1060 or 1070 at a cheap price?


Good luck with that, people are buying them up like crazy to mine ethereum.


Yeah, might wanna wait a couple of months with the 1000 line from Nvidia and the 400 line from AMD. Prices are insane due to lack of supply


Good software/firewall for virus’s and stuff?

Also help with learning multiseat configuration would be appreciated.


Tell me about it. :"( Rip wallet.


I use Kaspersky for anti-virus, but you should back up your PC if you ever get a virus and need to revert/reinstall OS on your PC.

Do note that it’s a $50 or so yearly subscription service, not a 1-time buy.


I use Malware Bytes and W10 security suite


Anti-virus aren’t really that needed nowadays. I don’t know if the security protocols of windows got better or the virus folks lost interest but we haven’t seen any dangerous stuff for basically a decade.
Malware, on the other hand, are very common, but you can 100% avoid them not clicking on wrong stuff. Chose your ~mature content~ websites wisely. In any case if you get infected Malware Bytes is the best resource

Other kinds of attacks are very personal and to be infected you must be personally targeted by someone. In these cases there’s not much to be done besides firewall and router ports but I wouldn’t give myself the trouble. If a smart guy targets you you’re pretty much fucked. But chances are rather slim. Usually high profile targets are the ones in risk. Besides, setting up strict firewalls and router blocks can screw connectivity on games and other p2p stuff.

I only run Windows Defender because it’s a hassle to deactivate it anyway and I’ll do a malware scan yearly but I’m almost every time totally clean.

However, my bother’s and father’s notebooks are a nightmare :emetangry:
Took me 4 hours to completely purge my brother’s notebook full of malware. Probably infected on those pirate online streaming series and movies websites and downloading scammy software crap (like “audio enhancers” and “performance boosters”)


Thanks guys.

Looks like I might be making my rig today. If ups isn’t lying. The case has been in transit since the 29th, with one day shipping lol.


Good luck!


Have everything :slight_smile:


Now the fun begins. Best of luck with the build. Hopefully everything goes to plan and works first time. :slight_smile:


It looks glorious :heart_eyes:


Did I Master race right?


Yas! Well done and so pritty!




Any great free game recommendations out there? Or at least super cheap?

Gets game rig.
Has no money for games.


Pm incoming

Edit: Pm sent! Hopefully they’re agreeable to you!


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