PC building advise and instructions thread


I have that, but with a big wired mess in front, how do you feel about that Mountain?

flies away :airplane:



I"ll try to get a picture of it next time so you can judge it in Mountain :wink:


TIP: try to not pick a case too big or too heavy if you even once planning to go to a LAN party.

I take my PC out for those things about twice a year at minimum

I have a HAF X

That thing weighs 18 or so kilos empty, and is enormous.
Not fun, I can tell ya that.

Though cable management is piss easy, and working in it is a breeze also. So up to you.


Probably never lol. But I picked up a NZXT S340 mid-tower white case, so if I decide to take it somewhere I doubt it’d be the heaviest thing I’ve carried lol.

And that case has really nice reviews for cable management due to a cover plate.

If I remember I’ll weigh the build when I’m done and post it.


Yeah, midtowers are generally best for ATX builds.

HAF X is a Full tower I believe, which you only really need for massive builds with (custom) water cooling and E-ATX motherboards.

I just found a cheap one second hand, and thought it looked good xD


Yep, that’s a nice choice.


So this is a build I was thinking of doing. I’m willing to exceed the 400 dollar price tag if I can get more for better quality 1080p or 60 fps. I plan on only playing games on it. Any advice?


I’m only messin’ with ya! My system is pretty neat and clean, although I need to dust it out.

It does piss me off though that my computer chassis is a mirror one, where the main window is on the left rather than the right, so my GEFORCE GTX is upside down along with my motherboard.

HOWEVER I am looking at building my next system and I have evil, TRUELY EVIL PLANS!!!

I plan on taking a case (I believe it’s the same one @SQUARENecron bought), and plan to either paint over the white exterior with Pink and Blue Glitter Spray Paint, or get vinyl that covers it (although it’s in 12x12 sheets, so I’d have to buy a lot or find some rolls of it).

But then I’d also get a 1080/1080 TI and paint certain parts of it glitter also.

Then on the left side panel I’d make some of Emet’s class icons, then make an E.M.E.T. on the front.

it’s going to be sexy.


Like I’m talking about this:

I fucking need it.

@Shaners This is one of those things that I can’t live without.


Oh speaking of which, Just after the Glitter Case came to my mind, LTT made this video:

I think the universe is trying to tell me something…


Didn’t that build overheat really badly?


Yeah but that’s because they pained everything. Heatsinks, fans, the motherboard.

My build will be light on the paint in terms of PC components.


It’s difficult to topple this build with cost-benefit, but if you find a GTX1060 not much more expensive you are getting a solid increase. Usually the gpus finished in 60 from NVidia are the best for the buck deals each generation. Definetely able to run anything from today’s standards on 1080p above 60fps if it’s not a CPU intensive game as I’m not sure how that processor holds up to newer games. But I have a pretty old core i5 and situations where it bottlenecked my GTX970 were unnoticeble


So you think an i5 would be good? Because I was thinking about an i7 but if I don’t need it I’d love to save the money


If you’re thinking about budget gaming you definetely don’t want to buy an i7. i7 is the premium CPU for every generation but it’s not even aimed at gaming as some of it’s atributes aren’t ever used like going above 4 cores. a lot of games still run on 2 cores at max and the other ones stay idle or on background tasks (only relevant during heavy load background tasks)

the only component on a pc exclusively for gaming you can’t put too much on is your GPU. on 95% of games your whole PC setup is only needed to respond fast enough so your GPU doesn’t get bottlenecked. Whe you get to SLI builds that CPUs get more important again to cordinate both GPUs.


So is that build good to prevent bottlenecking? (I’m new to this)


Depends on what you want out of your system.

That PC is a great entry-level build that uses the latest tech, whereas my sisters PC used older tech. This would be great if you have a very very very very very tight budget and can only afford the cheapest components.

If you have some room to wiggle, upgrade your CPU to an I5, your GPU to a 1060 or 1070(if your motherboard and power supply can handle them, otherwise you’ll need to upgrade them too), then also tack on a 1TB HHD which is like $50, great for bulk storage.

If you have some leeway in your budget but are scared about upgrading down the road then try looking up $500 and $600 builds, which won’t be far off from your initial $400 budget with upgrades.

TL;DR, yes, it’s a good system if you only care about entering the PC gaming world. If you want more flexability in your system then either look at other budget builds or upgrade your components.

It all comes down to what you want out of your system.


I was planning on bumping it up to an i5 either way, but would a GPU upgrade help out a lot? And any motherboard suggestions?


GPU is by far more important than upgrading anything else. A good core i3 with a GTX1060 will outperformance the GTX1050 with an i7 even with the exception of CPU heavy games (there are very few of them).