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Ok and not that I’m aware of.


XMP (Extreme Memory Profile?) is basically a non-JEDEC approved SPD table for your RAM that is programmed into the sticks. By setting XMP you can run the stocks at their RATED speed and timings even if it requires more vDIMM to do so.

For instance.

1333 MHz 9-9-9 @ 1.5v is JEDEC standard

Most kits will do 1600 9-9-9 at 1.6V

To get your system to set that automatically you need an XMP profile and a board that is capable of utilizing it.

Basically if you are having issues of speed/timing not working, you want/need to enable XMS in the bios if you have the ability to do so.


Ok I gotcha :ok_hand:. Will report back later thx MaddCow


Sure thing :slight_smile:


Ok so what I’ve found out was because the mobo supports duel channel memory I needed to set it at 800 MHz :joy:


Does this make any sense to you? What I made out of it is because my ram frequency is 1600 MHz I’d set to 800 MHz x 2


I thought Nvidia were suppose to bring out cheaper cards?


Been a while since I posted here but thought to give an update.

It still happens, although less frequently, that my computer would just decide to restart. And at times it would even say "applying updates’ at the start, at other times it just goes straight to the login screen.

Now, looking further into it, it would indeed seem that Windows 10 forces the computer to restart without prior warning (although it says in their settings that it doesn’t do it if activity is detected, yeah right).

Either way, I set the ‘apply update’ time frame to only happen either before 10 AM or after 9PM. Aside from that I also disabled the ‘fast boot’ option, as I noticed that my computer took an extremely long time to load a webpage or Steam when I just booted it up and logged in. Lo and behold, my startup time went already much faster.

Also changed power consumption a bit to focus more on ‘balanced’ rather than ‘performance’ in case it is indeed something to do with my power supply.

But other than that, the frequency of the abrupt restarts is about weekly or even every 2 weeks or so. Hopefully these steps help it reduce even further.


I don’t have it happen that often, but it sucks. I don’t want my pc to reboot unless I tell it to do so, dammit.


Glad to hear I’m not the only one! :slight_smile:


:smh: Windows 10 is such a steaming pile… :frowning:


Not much I can do but swallow whatever crap they feel like giving.

Not to mention that I often see on Windows forums people asking other people if the latest update caused their system to lag too (and how they can revert back to a previous update).


I’ve seriously never experienced anything like that with Windows before so I have no idea why it does that for you.


On Windows 10? Maybe I’ll post on the Windows forums to see if anyone there can help me. It’s possible one of the hardware components is faulty and is causing some issues, although I sincerely hope not cause it’s not like I have money on my back to just keep replacing parts.


Yeah I’ve had Windows 10 forever now, never seen that before :thinking:


Never once rebooted without you’re ok?


Not that I can think of. The only time it restarts automatically is right after a system update.


but did you agree prior to applying the update?


Hey guys, need a bit of advice. I’ve been setting up my new PC and I think I’ve gotten it to a good point within my 2K budget. How does this build compare and how would I go about setting it up (building it) if I bought it? (Or should I get someone more experienced to do it?


I’ll check out your link, but I am 100% certain you can build it yourself.