PC building advise and instructions thread


This one only has 6 fans, my old build I had 9 lol
I’m not sure why, it was my first build so I think I just put a fan wherever a fan could be placed


Wind tunnel :smiley:


Anyone here use eyesaver mode on their Samsung?





I would be short one cat… :scream_cat:


Yeah luckily he didn’t touch anything besides the HDD in the drive bay lol


How much slower should wireless be compared to Ethernet connection from the same modem? Wired sits around 115mbs, while wireless is sitting around 45-55 mbs. Caused by old router?


Depends on the router, distance from router, how many devices are on wireless at the same time, what channel of wireless you’re on, etc.


Sgb6580, 5 feet from router, and only one device when I tested it. Idk anything about channels.


So I actually haven’t used Zbrush since I did my upgrades, since Monster Hunter World has taken over my life outside of work hours lol

I finally worked on it last night and holy shit the difference was night and day.


I have gotten news that later this year (around May) I will be able to build my own PC, $1000 or so price range with lenience to go up.
I need help looking for the right parts and then what to look for. I need it for 1. Playing video games to a higher quality for longer (right now I have to run most games on low or a hybrid of medium and low), and potential to play VR. 2. Being able to work on my projects in Unreal Engine 4 and then Adobe projects (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.) 3. A PC that can last a few years without needing an upgrade to stay reliable.
I have some ideas as to what I will want, like a higher end GPU (not necessarily the highest of tiers, but somewhere up there) and at least 1 SSD.


Quick question, I currently have this RAM in my build (I think)

Now, I’m looking to get more RAM. Can I get away with buying another set of that and just using that alongside the stuff already there (thus getting me to 16GB)? Or do I need to buy an entire new set?
Adding to that, could I say buy this set and use it alongside the old set (thus getting me to 24GB)?

And @BearStream still need advice? I can whip us a build real quick if you want, for reference


I’ve always heard the safest thing is, assuming you have empty slots, buy more of the same exact brand and specifications as what you already have. In other words, I’ve heard it’s safest not to mix different kinds of RAM.


good, saves me more money lol


Like @LordDerp I totally failed to respond. Let us know if you still want help. :confounded:


@ArPharazon I’ve ran into my first mystery. I was checking speed of my ram using CMD. It said it was running at 600 MHz (it’s actually two sticks of adata 4 gb 1600 MHz) I started troubleshooting and ended up in the bios where I could change it to the highest option that was given was 900 MHz. On the mobo specs it says as long as I have a AMD fx series installed it will except 1866 MHz as its standard memory. Idk what the problem might be. :neutral_face:


I have no clue here, I’m afraid.


Are you loading XMP profiles?


What is this ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I only put this thing together to learn honestly and this is my first problem.

If it helps any