PC building advise and instructions thread


I was talking to my friend the other day and I think it would be the greatest story ever told if it turned out that all this ‘bitcoin’ currency was really just a couple of Video Card CEOs that created this idea just to cash in on video cards and inflate the price to silly prices.


I don’t even understand why they need graphic cards for whatever mining they are doing lol. But I’m just a pleb :slight_smile:


I hope so I put a hold on buying anything else till some prices go down. I bought the 750 ti that is in my current PC for $70 can’t even do that right now, :weary:


@MaddCow maybe you can share some insight with me you must know the game PUBG so my I ask why do you suppose it’s struggling so hard on Xbox I know you most likely haven’t played it on the console but compared to the PC version as of right now well here’s the requirements and the Xbox 1 hardware specs.

People thought Evolve was bad but as of right now the game takes the cake for crashes,disconnects,framerate drop lag.i personally think the APU isn’t good enough for it.


My guess is that they simply copy pasta a lot of code (Which is why some ports are terrible) and didn’t build it with the specific hardware designed for. My again, just my 2 cents and I can’t say I know enough about XBox hierarchy versus PC and so forth, but my guess is just really lazy coding taking stuff from PC and lifting it to the console. It could be more but I would imagine that the reason for a lot of bad ports are mostly lazy copy pasta code instead of doing it from the ground up around the hardware that is used.



:man_shrugging: Got that 4 you :joy:. You’re more than likely right about the game be copy pastaed :upside_down_face:.


Isn’t the game CPU intensive?


Could be. Things that aren’t optimized usually chug CPU instead of GPU. However, I don’t know much about where PubG puts most of their resource load to.


I forgot to give an update about my situation, but my computer still randomly restarts. (not a lot, but it happens).

Last thing I’m going to do is double check whether everything is attached correctly inside the case (maybe one of the RAM’s isn’t properly put in).

If that doesn’t work, I’ll bring it to the computer shop.


Looking into the Event viewer, I’ve noticed that I’ve had 9 Critical events with the first one starting when I encountered the random restart at 2017-12-21.

All cricitical events are the same, Event 41 Power Kernel error with the description:

The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly.

It doesn’t really leave me all the wiser. Guess I will have to keep digging.


Memory check came clear. According to this article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-ca/help/2028504/windows-kernel-event-id-41-error-the-system-has-rebooted-without-clean

All that leaves me with is the power supply. I’ll check tomorrow to make sure everything is connected properly inside the computer. Personally I’m suspecting it’s power socket in the wall OR maybe when I move the desk it moves one of the cables around which temporarily disconnects it. who knows. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


Mine restarted randomly the other day as well only it doesn’t give me any messages it just restores everything I was doing before the restart. :man_shrugging:


The APU in a Xbox is a A4-5000 laptop processor…:man_facepalming: @garratose


A friend sent me this keyboard, apparently it’s only available in Asia. I need to hook it up tonight!


Also, here’s some PC progress. I finally got around to putting my shit together now that I’m settled in my new place :slight_smile:

I was gonna paint my GPU but that’s just too much work right now. It’s fine red, I’m just not looking at it or it’ll bug me lol


Holy fans batman.


I thought is was ill-advised to paint MSI GPU’s?

Except the backplate, that’s definitely paintable


It voids any warranty for sure, and you need to make sure you get a high temperature paint. And not that Plasti Dip crap people seem to love lol


That cable management…



I had the K65. Great keyboard :slight_smile: