PC building advise and instructions thread


2.0 has been the standard since like 2013 though so everything uses it.


My HDMI cable was pretty old and it sure as hell wasn’t a 2.0


5+ years is old :slight_smile: Did it have crustys on it? :slight_smile:





It’s Evolved to stage 2. Lloyd Truman 2.0!


New fans added.


This is why building a new PC right now is impossible


What a waste of Graphics cards. Wait till bit coin crashes and people have these multi thousand dollar machines laying around :joy:

I was reading a bit more about bit mining and unbelievably anyone looking to get into it signs a 3 yr contract so… I might be wrong but seems they expect it to last awhile. I wonder what this means for the PC gaming world? I mean people are using several graphics cards and ram to build these and the high end graphics cards at that. I also wonder what this means to developers as they make games that require higher end graphics cards when people won’t be able to afford buying or building/upgrading their gaming rigs.


Let’s hope it happens soon. Because if so, the market will flood with expensive hardware, causing prices to drop :joy:


I seen another article that stated Nvidia themselves were asking 3rd party sellers to sell to gamers instead of bit miners so must be pretty serious. Another thing I seen if you buy a rig already put together it was cheaper than building one well that’s going out the window real fast too.


Yeah, NVidia knows there’s no use going for the big seasonal demand and ramp up production if that’ll lead to oversupply down the road and completely fuck up their planning on sales predictions


How would they know one from the other?


Your gamers ID card of course :slight_smile:



Don’t ask me I just read my friend.


I was thinking what if it never changes bit miners are always buying up the parts pc gamers need :neutral_face:.


That’s only possible in the unlikely scenario where new criptocurrencies keep getting created and demanded. Because there’s a finite number of possible bitcoins and that’s the reason some people are doing a mining race to get a hold of the maximum amount of prime numbers available in the interval before they run out


That NZXT pre-build link I sent, they’re still selling with GPUs at MSRP. So if you need a computer right now I suggest getting one of these pre-builds instead of buying parts separately.



I can believe that, my pre-build machine didn’t cost much more vs building it myself ( I believe only 50 dollars difference, and that was 2 years ago)


I’m really happy I bought my PC parts when I did. The inflated price of GPU’s is very disheartening. Hopefully when Samsung releases their new cryptoming processors it’ll drive the price down.