PC building advise and instructions thread


This video made me realize that yes I can probably do it myself. Worth a watch. He seems to have a lot of helpful videos.


Matching console performance on a PC isn’t even remotely difficult.

Also buy a quality Power Supply Unit, that’s the one thing you actually want to spend more for a reliable product, cheap PSUs are unreliable and don’t perform well when the PC is under load when doing gaming or heavy tasks and when they fail can damage your components.

I suggest a power supply from EVGA either a Bronze or Gold model depending on budget with 500-650 watts depending your build.


don’t forget Nvidia… its a bit more at times, but worth it compatible wise


It’s amazingly simple, and I highly recommend it.


Welp guys I just dropped more than I’d care to say onto Amazon. Pcpartpicker was wildly inaccurate on a few of their items.

Like the ASUS ROG-STRIX-RX580-O8G-GAMING for 280$

However I should be able to start assembly between July 6-12.


Also picked up a havit rainbow backlit keyboard and mouse.

…Possibly a wrong fan/CPU cooler as well. =P…


That cooler will be fine for normal usage, no worries!

Joanne Tech Lover has a nice two part Skylake build video. I watched it when building my pc. Also, Linus TechTips has a good build video too.

Oh and congratulations! Welcome to the Monster Race!


Tell me how this goes! Currently I’m saving up my funds to build my own, would love to hear how your build goes


I picked this one up instead of the one on the list, cuz ya know, kewl. Then I found out pcpartpicker said it was possibly incompatible with the case. So idk. Got both to be safe. Should be able to return the one I don’t use.


And thanks for the warm welcome! Time to put those cross play games to use.

@BreezyStarfish17 I’ll do my bestest to keep this thread up on my progress. Should start getting stuff in tomorrow (free Amazon prime trial) but the case will be one of the last things to arrive of course.


Welp, just make sure to not install anything until you know if it fits or not. :slight_smile:

Good luck on your build!


Yeah no problem.

From your build, it seems solid. One thing you might wanna look into is getting a SSD to load windows onto so this way you can boot up you PC is no time, then store a few games on it to really decrease load times.

The best options for SSDs would be either 120 gb (around $50) or a 250 gb (around $90).

But that’s just for faster load times in windows and some games, I just wish that I would’ve got an SSD :wink:

(I get that you’re talking about XB controllers, but I’d figure I’d help out with the internet aspect)

If wired, you don’t need a wifi card since your motherboard should have an Ethernet port (it does). Wifi has slower speeds and can have hicups if others are streaming/downloading on the network. If it’s only you on the network, then it should work fine. Rarely does the weather interrupt the connection, but it does happen.

Will you have an Ethernet cable to run to your computer? If not, you might need to get a wifi card (based off your motherboard).

If you don’t need to use wifi, then skip these next few lines. —

Your motherboard has PCI-e slots, do you can pick up some cheap wifi cards, but make sure they’re PCI-e, not just PCI.

If you look at pictures of you motherboard, the PCI slots are where the graphics card goes, and the small slots parallel to those slots are the PCI-e.

PCI slots are outdated, but you can still find wireless cards that utilize them, **but your board looks like it only has updated PCIe slots.

Yeah when I build my sisters PC, I only ran into 1 problem building it, and 1 problem after.

When building it, there were 2 cables that were the same, and the first cable I used didn’t let the system boot, so I swapped it with the other cable, and it worked fine (must have been a janky power supply).

The problem after, albeit not huge, is her airflow in her system. She only has 1 small fan on the front of the case, so it can get hot and overhead, so we just have a fan blow into the side to keep it cool. This can be solved by adding a fan to the back, but just a little heads up.

Mountain, don’t hurt the other console players’ feelings!


I said monster not master!


Monster = Master, duh.

I don’t think consoles can handle the power that PCs have, like the 1080ti.

I’m actually looking at building my next system, and I’m in quiet the ride for myself, gettin’ into the “them new kids tech” when I only have a 980 ti and mediocre system. Plus it’s slowing down a bit because I don’t have an SSD in my system.

That and make sure to follow building instructions (like assembling your monsterboard on it’s respective box, installing your CPU the right way [just match the corners with the arrows], gently place your CPU cooler on the CPU, and making sure to touch the case a few times to remove static on your body that can harm your system.)

Other than that good luck, and send nudes of the final build. plz thx bai


Well since e the SSD sounds like a convenience piece, I’ll probably end up grabbing that later. Ya know be thankful for what I got (what the wife let’s me have). Also I’m going to try to go the wired ethernet route because since I ran an Ethernet cable to my Xbox I’ve had waaaaaaaay less lag and disconnects.
And you guys know if I have problems with the build I’ll be asking questions here. XD

Just gonna leave this here…


Yeah, I understand. I actually haven’t researched how to swap OS from HDD to SSD, so I need to look into that :eyes:

If I find anything I’ll let you know so you know when you add it in the future.

Yeah sounds great. For me, I keep my PC in my room all the way on the opposite side of my house since my den is crappy, and thus I need a wifi card.

Can’t wait to get my own place and don’t have to worry about running Ethernet cables all over my house to have amasin connections. But that’s a ways away…

Yeah for the most part the build is easy if you follow the rules and play it safe. The booting would be the hardest part but if there are problems it’s most likely just a small connection problem and thus many people on the internet have also ran into that error code, so even if we can’t help you, just search the code and see what help falls from the clouds.


SO it is possible, with many guides. ATM I’m watching this one:


So I decided to grab another luxury item. Went with a crucial mx300 m.2 SSD with 525 gigs.
Also I guess the motherboard I picked out has a built in wifi but idk if I can use it? Says it needs mu-mimo ready client? I don’t plan on using wireless, but just in case what does that all mean?


Sounds like marketing hype. Doubt you will need a client unless you’re planning on setting up some sort of multi user network.


Question, since this is basically a PC thread at this point, can a SSD instead of a hard drive improve game performance significantly (or perhaps loading times)?


From what I understood of my research, it doesn’t directly improve gaming quality (like graphics), but reduces load times and stuttering. Stuttering being your game freezing while the environment Loads/ catches up due to slow Info sharing from hard drive.

Someone else might be able to answer this with more confidence.


No, you pretty much nailed it.