PC building advise and instructions thread


So to all PC experts out there, I have this weird issue that I hope some of you might be able to help me with.

So, since a month now my PC would suddenly randomly restart. At first I thought it was perhaps because my computer was overheating, as it would happen while I was gaming. So I cleaned my pc a bit of dust, made sure all my connections were good (both to the outlet and inside the pc). But then it happened a time or two just while I was browsing, and now I just don’t know why.

It happens rarely, but still often enough that it has been bugging me. I’m hoping someone can help me with this.


Could possibly be power related. What kind of PSU do you have and what kind of wattage do you need on average? If not that, what kind of temps are you getting on average and under strain?


An 80 Plus Gold EVGA 650 GQ 650W: https://www.evga.com/products/product.aspx?pn=210-gq-0650-v1

I could check temperature but haven’t really found any temp monitoring tool I can trust that doesn’t affect the system in any way. Any recommendation?


There were a couple that were decent, worst case you could just restart your computer and check your heat settings in the BIOS. That would show VERY obvious heat issues but wouldn’t really tell you much unless you had a big problem


I’ve been looking online and I feel it might have more to do with Windows 10: https://www.drivethelife.com/windows-10/fix-random-restarts-on-widnows-anniversary.html

One time it did the random restart, it was showing the blue screen for applying an update.


hmmm… Ya. I don’t know much about win 10 (Other than I think it’s garbage) so I can’t talk much about the OS as a whole.


I had kinda the same happen to me: PC worked fine, but as soon as I put any kind of load on it, it restarted.

Excluded all other options, and finally bought a new PSU. That fixed it, and it works like a charm again.


Was going to say did anything change when you started getting these problems? When I have issues I typically look at what programs have been recently installed or any updates. Any hardware been installed? Anything different.

Then you can try setting the PC up barebones. As in sit the motherboard on some cardboard and have the bare minimum connected so you can use windows. Then try hooking up more things and testing.

If you can swap in different hardware to test if it’s something like the PSU or RAM then that’s always worth trying.

Sounds like it could be something to do with that windows update. Which will be fun! Could be something like a bit of hardware not happy with the update and needs a driver fix.

The joy of troubleshooting PC issues :smiley:


Well I changed my PSU around the summer and the problems only started last month, so I’m unsure on whether the issue is with my PSU. I mean, it could be. But spending another 100 dollars is not really something I want to do unless I’ve exhausted all other options :stuck_out_tongue:


Like solving a puzzle in the dark, trying different pieces and hopefully one will fit.

I’ve made some changes where I disabled the option where my PC would restart in case of a system failure. Hopefully that will fix it.

So far so good.


You said you saw a blue screen. Do you get any other types of crashes?

If you get random program crashes plus blue screens, it could be bad memory or motherboard. If you get DXGI errors plus blue screens plus whole system locks up, could be bad video card.


Well it was a blue screen without error message (so no BSOD).

It was just the computer restarting, and then showing a blue screen saying ‘downloading windows update’ so yeah…


Was it your computer forcing restarts due to updates?


That’s what I think, or just taking advantage of the abrupt restart to install the update either way.

So far I haven’t had a restart yet, and I’ve been gaming a bit. Will update in a week or two.


I pretty much disable updates and manually do them on my own terms. I had Windows 7 stop my game for some shitty critical update (Which honestly most of them rarely have any effect that is needed at that time)


I’ve had this problem once with mine already too but I know mine was hot. I have a different heatsync I put on mine much better than the original that comes with the fx 6300 CPU. The one that came with mine seemed kinda small and wouldn’t keep the CPU cool. Anyway I had to move one of the led fans to the back of the case be the smaller one wasn’t working and I ordered 2 more for the case but I haven’t had it reset again.


These are brilliant

Games look much sharper, detailed and the colours really pop-out


…you’re kidding right?

All HDMI cables, as long as they’re the same type (1.4, 1.0, etc), are identical in performance, since it’s a digital signal. A $5 HDMI cable is the same as a $500 HDMI cable.

Granted, these are pretty cheap cables, so you’re not wasting tonnes of money. But still.


Usually I’d agree with you. Until I saw this.


The one i posted is a 2.0, also no difference in picture quality? straight away i noticed everything more crisper and much more vivid in Quantom Break and Left 4 Dead after switching to 2.0