PC building advise and instructions thread


Not that terrible then. I personally like building my computers but if people are intimidated this is actually a decent setup.


Something tragic happened.

I got all my parts yesterday and diligently put the entire thing together. When the special moment came to boot up my PC for the first time…nothing happened.

I later checked the cord from the PSU to the motherboard and found that the manufacturers forgot to put in one of the pins. So now I have to wait for them to send me a replacement :sob:


Better than having something fry for the first boot. That being said, I’ll share in with you. :sob:


Agreed, it’s things could have been worse lol


Indeed. Back in my noobish days I went and used another PSU to test if the PSU whas the issue why my PC suddenly didn’t boot anymore.

The PSU was ancient, came from my first PC, and probably woefully underpowered.

Connected the wires, plugged it in, and pressed the power button.

An extremely loud bang, beeping ears, and a quick run outside with the thing, and I’m a lot more careful with electronics now >.>


Do you have a modular PSU where you could buy a temporary cord?
I wouldn’t be able to wait if I were you


Sadly it was not :frowning: but the new PSU just came in so I’m going to finish the build tonight!


Good or bad? My new processor seems to be much better. I plan on putting 16 gb ramm and a new gtx 1050 ti in it later but got my new case so still got to transfer everything to it. The new case has better cooling over the old HP pavilion case.


Done well needs a couple things but done for now :+1:


How is you’re build turning out?


Working great! The software gave me fits since I have zero experience with installing Windows or BIOS, but everything worked out.

Also I can finally see why everyone calls the PC gaming group the “Master Race”. The visual quality cannot compare to my Xbox lol

Edit: Will say your cable management is much better than mine


What program did you use to test your system? Looks interesting and I feel like trying my build out as well to see how it stands right now (because I’ve made some modifications on it throughout the years).

P.S. I got the same processor. It’s good value for the money.


lol it’s on gears of war 4 they must have added it recently. How accurate it is idk but seen they added so gave it a spin.


Yeah I’ve put the old :potato: box away even with my older gpu and over 4 year old Fx set up the Xbox graphics are just sad :joy:


O lol the case has room on the opposite side for cable management :joy: My wife did that for me so really mine is probably just as bad.


Got another question idk what kinda of gpu you have but I’ve watched a few YouTube videos of pairing CPU and GPU and with the 6300 and the gtx 750 ti always seems to be maxed out running at 98% the same with a gtx 780 does yours run at the same?


I have an AMD RX 480 graphics card, but looking at my task manager and having used some external monitoring programs before, it never looked like the CPU was running at 98%.

And maybe I’m just skeptical, but I always feel like both CPU and GPU work better if they’re both from the same brand (so either AMD or Nvidia).

Also, I haven’t checked the entire conversation so far, but make sure to replace the stock cooler for the CPU. I only did that after a year and a half I think, but it runs much much cooler now.


The CPU in mine works a 50-55% the Graphics is working at 98%. The stock heat sync that came with the 6300 are not to good I just used the cool master I had before should keep it plenty cool plus the case has 3 fans and I’m able to add 2 more or a 240 mm radiator for water cooling.

Edit…honestly thinking about water cooling and over clocking the CPU not sure about doing the OC without water cooling the FX series works really hard for gaming.


Might have already been said but anyone looking to get a PC or upgrade may well find some of the prices pretty crazy right now due to memory shortages. RAM and some graphics cards are sky high right now. May well continue for most if not all of 2018 :frowning:


True I was going back to buy my GPU and it was $100 more than when I looked at it the first time. I was reading another article that said prices would drop in the first half of 2018 tho :cry:.

Edit. Actually come to think about it I haven’t been able to find a 1050 ti every site is sold out.