PC building advise and instructions thread


I know it’s too late to change your stuff, but I STRONGLY recommend not getting anything less than Gold power supply. The wattage is fine being lowerish, but I wouldn’t scrimp on the actual gold+ rating. it saves a LOT of wear and tear as well as sucks up less energy and produces less heat.


So if I get a fat bonus my next paycheck you would suggest getting a different power supply?


I’m looking over your build right now, but yes. The power supply would be a relatively easy/cheap thing to replace. The wattage is fine (Assuming no weird LED/Cooling that isn’t listed).

EDIT: Ya, without any extras your load wattage is around 345. A 450 should be plenty for this one. As you don’t have a lot of listed cooling as extras, I would def. recommend a Gold+ rating to help reduce the overall heat as well as pull in power better.


:joy: I know how that feels. I looked up a couple on newegg and their about $90

Edit… I lied that was on amazon here’s new egg https://m.newegg.com/ProductList?canPowerSearch=True&powerSearchParams={“CategoryId”%3A0%2C"StoreId"%3A0%2C"SubcategoryId"%3A58}&%3FsubcategoryId=58&nodeId=-1&storeType=2&NValue=100007657&Maximum+Power||450W=||600014060||Power&Energy-Efficient||80+PLUS+GOLD+Certified=||600037998||Power








Those are all semi modular as well. If you don’t mind some minor cable bundling with zip ties these are all just fine.

Here is a full modular if you want to do the cabling yourself.




Much better than neweggy :+1:


I used to use Tigerdirect a while back but I haven’t been to their site to see if there is anything good priced or not anymore. I do remember it was pretty amazing at one point.


That’s pocket change lol


I’m fairly still new to the PC thing but am pretty good at research but sadly I’ve always used newegg or amazon.




I agree :slight_smile: PSUs are easy to replace. Be thankful when they brake and NOT your GPU/CPU :frowning:


Like that Xbox 360 above :joy:.


Content Creation, Whenever I was tasked with building 3d models or animations, I always used my handy Quadro card.


just a heads up.,. most vendors will push 600+ power supplies.


It’s also harder to find gold ratings below 500.


This website looks interesting for pre-built gaming PCs



Wow they do financing. I’m playing around with a few ‘builds’ and it doesn’t seem like they are overcharging as bad as things like Alienware etc… They do a small markup, but it seems decent for now. I don’t like how they build around 1 game though. Interesting.


You can pick 3 games actually.
And that’s just to start off the build because you can customize it later on if you want to change/add anything. I really like NZXT products so this might be something I recommend to friends who refuse to learn how to build their own PC lol

There’s a +$99 fee at the end but that’s not much for someone else putting your PC together and doing professional cable management for you.


Does this include shipping?


Yes, shipping within 48 hours and a 2 year warranty on all parts and labor