PC building advise and instructions thread


Is it any good?


I really like mine. What kind of games are you looking to run?


Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus


A 1060 should have no problems with that game. :] from my searches, a gtx 770 or better is the recommended minimum gphx for that game.

From my steam search, a 1060 6GB should have no issues running it at maximum.


TechSource finally made a beginners guide for building a PC if anyone needs a good YT video to follow


I haven’t had time to finish my PC because I’m in the middle of moving to a new place so I’ll for sure update pics once I’m all settled in January :smile:


Looking forward to it


Just so you fools know, shortly into 2018 I should have my parts to build my PC


I did mod my PS4 controller last week though


I’m working on a second myself with the newer AMD ryzen I’ve already ordered a few parts but gonna wait till I get income tax moneyz to get the graphics card. I’m also upgrading my old one changing from a AMD FX 4350 to a 6350 and the graphics from a gtx 750 ti to a 1050 ti which will be fairly cheap for a little bit of gain


Here’s something I did before Xbox one was released. It’s a 360 even though not completeled in the picture it had orange led lighting and a black cd drive casing with a biohazard symbol I did all of it by myself. I have video of it in action on my old phone if I can get it to work I’ll post later

@ArPharazon seeing that can of rust oleum reminded of this project :rofl:


All right everyone, I was going to wait a bit to order my parts but I pulled the trigger anyways. All my parts are on their way!


Gotta parts list ? Interested to see what your doing with a amd build.



That’s my list. It’s my first build ever, so there may be parts that could be improved or be replaced with cheaper parts. But it’s mine, so I take pride in it


That’s awesome my build I’m doing is the exact same except power supply,graphics card and case.


Tbh, I just grabbed the power supply that had the right amount of voltage, I don’t even know if it is a good one lol.

As for the RX 580 I just found a sweet deal on one for 220$ so I jumped on it


The power supply is probably fine I’m going with a 650 w because case has a few extra led fans and for graphics I’m going with a gtx 1060 ti. But my first gaming pc I bought from a guy who worked at a computer renaissance it had a duo core processes and a gtx 460 and a corsair 450 w power supply the damn duo core CPU and gtx 460 use more power than the current fx 4350 and 750 ti


Lol I’m so amazed at how fast tech advances


Yeah I was too when I started to look to upgrade it. I’m going to continue to use that same power supply even for the next upgrade.


Hopefully I can do the same.

But the next upgrade for me will be in many years