PC building advise and instructions thread


Unless you have a good reason wanting hyperthreading or an i7 in general, I’d take an i5 7600K or an AMD Ryzen, and put that extra money in a better video card like a 1070.


This^^ i7 is fine if you have to money, but for gaming you’re better off with an i5/Ryzen and pour more money into the GPU :slight_smile:


Alrighty, so, downgrade the processor, up the graphics.


The trend of this thread since day one is putting a lot of money on CPU for unkown reason and neglecting the GPU idk why : |


Because every big electronics store that sells pre-built PCs and laptops like to market i7 CPUs up the ass because it’s more marketable and cheaper than video cards. The worse part is way too many people waste money on shit laptops when that money can just get you a much better performing tower build for the same cost, unless you absolutely need portability for work or specific use then go ahead.


Buy the way, everyone interested in learning a bit more to depend less on people giving advice, Linus Tech Tips is probably one of the best sources you can get on reliable information diretected to teh average gamer needs

Here’s a sample


Love me some LTT!


Currently running a intel i5 7600k w/ a gtx gigbyte 1060


I really like Linus Tech Tips as well, gave me a reminder to clean my PC (which I probably will tonight).

Also, does anyone know if there is a way for me to check what is causing a game to lag? For example PUBG listed as minimum requirements a FX-6300 (which is exactly my processor). Yet sometimes I still experience frame drops even when everything is on low. I suspect perhaps I might need to increase my RAM from 8 GB to 16 instead, however I want to make sure what exactly is causing it.


Are these drops micro stutters as if the game had to load some files and it freezes momentaneously or are these situations where for a few moments performance drops for a few seconds on steady low fps?


Well, first thing to note when I drop from the plane, it happens sometimes that the buildings aren’t completely rendered properly resulting into this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y-3EIw5NqAQ

Next, with a resolution of 1300x700 and everything at low, I will have 80 FPS and sometimes (not sure what exactly is causing it) to drop to 30 back to 80. If I enable V-sync, it doesn’t really help either.

Most of the time it happens in 1v1 situations or sometimes not even, but there are a lot of people close by. Sometimes when I open a door, it freezes and before I know it I am a couple of meters outside (like it warped me a bit further than it should).


Dont overdo thermal paste

It’s a silly little step, but it’s something people constantly argue about online: what’s the best way to apply thermal paste? I’ve seen people do some pretty crazy things, like put on a giant blob or spread it around with a credit card, when it really couldn’t be simpler. Just put a small, pea-sized dab in the middle (lentil-sized, really), or a thin line about the size of a grain of rice. Then put your heatsink on and start screwing it in. The pressure will spread it out for you.

There are always exceptions to this rule, like very high- or low-viscosity pastes (like ones made with actual silver). But for the average paste, the process really is this simple. If ever in doubt, just check the instructions that come with your paste or look at the manufacturer’s web site. In fact, their web site should also tell you which method (pea or rice) is best for your specific brand.

plan before you build

Every build is different, and jumping in too quickly might mean you forget something important and end up having to take it apart and start from scratch. So, take a step back for just a few moments and plan your build out. Does your CPU cooler have a backplate? Attach it to your motherboard before you screw your motherboard into the case. Is your graphics card large? Install your hard drives first, since it’ll probably block access to them. Does your power supply hinder access to your motherboard? You’ll want to install it afterward, instead of before (though sometimes the reverse is true). It sounds silly, but a little visualization can make things a lot easier and less time consuming.

Add Max Fan

I don’t need to tell you that a hot, dusty computer is bad—but a lot of builders don’t put too much thought into their fans the first time around. Pay attention to which directions your fans are facing (they should have an arrow on the side that tells you which way it blows air), and try to get the air flowing all in one direction—usually in the front of the case, and out the back. You also probably want more intake fans than exhaust fans to create positive air pressure inside your case. If you have more intake pressure, then any extra air will escape through the nooks and crannies of your case, as opposed to entering through those nooks and crannies (and thus bringing in more dust). Positive air pressure coupled with filters on your intake fans means you’ll have much less dust, which means cooler and quieter operation. Check some good Fans On Amazon


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That’s solid post begginers advice. Even I didn’t follow every of these tips and I’m doing it next time I change my motherboard and case! :slight_smile:

sorry for the delay, I haven’t been checking the board as much.

So, the thing about texture popping could be even the way the game handles your hardware on the coding side. Some games are going to pop textures even on monster machines because they are instructed to not load all the assets everytime. I don’t play PUB so I don’t really know how common is it or if it’s something afflicting just a few specific users due to their pcs. That’s the annoying part about PCs. Sometimes it is some unlucky combination of how previous programs made your current registry entrys be like and that causes problem on some games. sometimes It’s an interaction of hardware with particular software with no fix. Sometimes it’s something you could change on the game’s .ini files and on other ocasion is actually insufficient hardware power. Have you noticed thse kinds of problems on other games too? From what I heard PUb is quite buggy and there might be a possibility of changing hardware decreasing the intensity of those freezes but not completely getting rid of them. :confused:

The kind of performance drop you described can also be common on CPUs bottleneck but I don’t think that’s the case with yours. If I had to guess I’d say either RAM or vRAM, but not sure if due to insufficient amounts or the game simply not fully utilising it in cache and then trying to load it on the fly. If I were you I’d try using some software to track RAM and your GPU memory usage so you can see if one of them is completely full.

So far the only game giving me problems with RAM was Mass Effect Andromeda and I have 8Gb as well.

What is your gpu?



So I’ve been saving to upgrade my PC for while now, but I don’t plan to actually buy my upgrades until Black Friday/Cyber Monday to see what deals I can get so I have some time to decide. I’m just having trouble figuring out what I want/need.

Basically I’m fine with my 980 Ti GPU, I don’t need the best graphics card because that’s perfectly fine for gaming. I really need to upgrade my motherboard though, as well as the CPU and upgrade to DDR4 memory. Currently I have an Intel i7-3770k CPU and I don’t even know which motherboard I have because it was a friends and all I can tell you is that it’s an ASUS lol so I’m starting to notice a slow down in performance with the programs I use.

The major use of my PC isn’t gaming, it’s for content creation. So I’m constantly in programs like Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, etc. Often a couple of those at the same time because I switch between them on the same project. So in my case a CPU is actually more important, as well as memory.

I’ve actually never owned AMD before so I really don’t know much about them versus Intel. I was excited when Intel launched their Coffee Lake processors early because it coincided with when I wanted to upgrade, but not only are they impossible to find, they’re also a little iffy to me in regards to their temperatures. I don’t overclock my PC, but even stock seemed to run a little hot in reviews and it’s hard to find people who review for content creation vs gaming usage.

Basically I’m rambling and am wondering if anyone can help a girl out? Probably don’t want to spend more than $500 for a CPU because at that point it’s a bit overkill. Been thinking I should just buy the 300 chipset for the Coffee Lake and wait for them to become available, but waiting is haaaard.


$500 budget for just the CPU is pretty good. Since content creation is your focus, the AMD Ryzen 7 1800x would probably fit the bill, it’s an 8 core/16 thread CPU for less than $500 on sale, Intel’s i7 7820x is their version of 8c/16t CPU, but at a higher cost, the next closest thing would be the 8700k in terms of affordability, but that’s only 6cores/12threads, not easy to find.

If I was in your shoes I’d just go with the Ryzen 7 1800x, content creation tends to favor higher core and thread counts and that CPU is pretty good value, Ryzen can be overclocked, and AMD will support the same motherboard for several CPU generations if you plan to upgrade down the road again. Only downside is Ryzen has slower gaming performance and single threaded performance, but those are minor in your case.

Edit: is the budget $500 just for the cpu or factoring the motherboard, cooler, etc?


What’s your budget overall? Most mobos right now run for about $200 for the top of the market. I got real lucky with mine and got a MSI Z270 for about $120 when everything was said and done and a intel i7 7700k for close to $450-600 (for them together alone - no memory or bells & whistles) together from Microcenter in my local area. This is all provided you’re impatient.

If I were you, I’d get a 300 chipset motherboard, see if its compatible with a current-gen CPU (I.E. it can support 1151 as well as whatever the coffee lake socket is) and sit on it until the processor you want comes out and some benchmarks for it are shown.

They’ve also got some new SSDs that are sticks now, if you aren’t aware, it hooks directly into the mobo bus and they’re about 3-4 times faster than a standard Sata SSD. It’d be worth your time to see if the motherboard you’re eyeballing’ll support it and pick one up, as I know how long it takes for the Autodesk toolset to run.


All in all I’m aiming for $1000 limit for CPU, Mobo and new memory.

I just want to start doing more research before purchasing since I’ll be flying home for 10 days before Thanksgiving, and plan to make my purchases right after the holiday (hopefully with some sweet cpu/mobo combo deals).


Wrong: https://www.extremetech.com/computing/256562-intels-upcoming-coffee-lake-z370-motherboards-arent-backwards-compatible

Anyone with a 7700k wanting to get an 8700k would have to get a new motherboard.


@Slewey Hence why I said if.

Either way, Skills, I’d wait in your case. I was forced to have to buy a current gen 270 chip instead of waiting because my machine shat the bed again because of the mobo failing. I still regret having to splurge close to $800 to get a new system instead of waiting, but I can’t wait anymore because my system could die any time between now and then and due to the nature of the projects I’m working on and the field I’d LIKE to get into I can’t afford to let my tower just up and die.


Hmmm I also was thinking about streaming some freelance or personal art projects. More cores and threads would probably be good for multitasking that then :thinking: