[PC] Bugs and Glitches

Hey there,

Recently picked up the game and do enjoy it but have encountered several QoL and game changing  bugs I would like to address.

#1 Matchmaking switching modes:  At random times the game mode "Skirmish" will randomly start loading "Nest" mode for maps even though they aren't being selected.  This forces a break in party/reload of skirmish

#2 Microphone:  There are many occasions where the toggle behaves erratically and turning from a "Toggle" to a "Push to talk" or sometimes not function at all.  There are also many times you will experience "radio silence" during loading screens without notice.

#3 Chain dropship death: This has happened a few times where the environment, specifically a tyrant death will cause the player to continuously fall out of the dropship and die repeatedly throughout the game.

#4 Monster movement glitches: I am unsure how to replicate this bug but there appears to be dropped inputs when post transverse jumps and evolve where movement keys must be depressed repeatedly to regain control of the monster.

#5 Nvidia driver crashes: This doesn't happen to me but I do have a lot of friends drop out of game due to graphics crashes.

#6 Invisible monster selection: Unsure how to replicate, but load screen sometimes will not show the monster selected for the game.

#7 Radiation Dust and Tracking darts vs Wraith:  When tagging with cabots "radiation dust" or Abes "Tracking Dart" and the wraith uses "Decoy" it will remove both the dust and tracer from the monster permanently.  This is a mechanic that is unclear that it is either working as intended or a bug, however, it is an item that may need adjustment for balance issues are quite obvious with the wraith in terms of mobility and evasion.

#8 Cursor Bug:  Mouse cursor will appear on the interface when playing monster if the game is tabbed out to desktop.  Refreshing the client does not fix this.

#9 Matchmaking Problems:  This is more QoL than anything however I do believe it should be addressed.  Matchmaking is currently ATROCIOUS and nullifies a lot of enjoyment to be had from many players.  Specifically I am talking about Monster players being forced to hunter side and vice versa.  I personally do not enjoy playing monster yet I still have to play it vs premade 4 man groups 40-60% of the time.  There really needs to be a method to select which faction you wish to play as "Hunters or Monsters".  Also there appears to be no MMR of any sort in place as I find there is a very large discrepancy between both player skill and player levels.

These are issues I have faced that have negatively impacted my experience in Evolve.



I’ll add :


  • Blackscreen just after being dropshipped as hunter, game seems to run fine, you hear other player and sounds, but the screen still black.

  • Random freezes, PC have to be reboot.