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Cursor disappearing
Mouse curser on the screen
Bugs I've experienced so far
2 Cursor ingame. BUG since alpha
Low Frame Rate Bug/Stuttering on high-end PC (GTX 980)
Evolve bug reporting
Protocol errors, ports and other bugs

So my in game cursor seems to be disappearing after games in the menus, anybody else get this issue?



I like how we had an issue where you’d see the cursor during matches, and now we’ve got the opposite. Curious as to whether the fix for the former is related to this :sweat_smile:



yes im having this problem too,had to use task manager to end program



This is also being reported on the Steam forums. It must be a bug, not just you.



Windowed Fullscreen doesn’t seem to be working. If I alt tab out while sitting on the main menu for example, it minimizes.



It also happened to me, but it was fixed after a game



Yeah I’m having to restart the whole game after every match.



I don’t know if this is meant to apply to the rescue mode but daisy kept reviving colonists while I was lazarus



cursor is working for me in hunter mode,but not monster.will do some more checking



Not sure if in this mode Daisy is supposed to run this way. In Hunt mode she will not revive with Laz on the team UNLESS Laz goes down. Interesting question if that’s put aside for Rescue mode and the assist with getting the survivors up.



I had no problems with the cursor at first, but now I’m getting the bug where the cursor stays displayed all the time (as Hunter). I thought this was fixed :frowning:



Keep us posted…does it go away if you go back to the main screen and then back into games?



Since the issue started (for me), reloading or changing display modes between Windowed or Full Screen doesn’t fix it. Seems to be permanent now, which is odd because I never had it before. My friend had it, but he said it went away randomly after a few minutes. Seems to be a really random bug.

Just now after alt tabbing back and forth the cursor went away. Except it stayed away forever, even in the menus. ;_;



Three bugs to report
Firstly my game is stuck in windowed mode, I can’t make it go full screen. I’m gonna try restarting and see if it fixes it
Secondly, in a game of hunt assault was killed and came back as the colonist minion. He also spawned stuck for 5 mins. And when all of us but him died it still counted as a loss
Thirdly, when using the Lazarus device on a player it reset itself near the end. The game was telling me I had poor connection, so this might have been linked



After the tutorial i also witness the mouse dissapearing.Probably going to restart game



There are a lot of reports of mouse cursors vanishing…and a few of cursors remaining on screen as well.



Problem with cursor too

Windows 8.1 - GTX 970

Tip: I press ALT+TAB (game become windowed) to be able to clic, instead the mouse still invisible.



Hello guys,

still having the same issue since alpha and beta.
As a hunter, I got my camera working with my mouse rotating, BUT at the same point I have my “Evolve-Mouse-Cursor”
still floating around my screen. This makes everything moving weird and gives a bad feeling.

I am not able to play like this.

I hope you can help me on this.



Also 5th game getting as my 3rd and 2nd preferance.No Monster :frowning:

Ooooooooookay something weird.

I got matchmade into a full game.

I can’t press escape to exit nor take a bot.I’m gonna stay to see if i take a loss rofl!

I’m just spectating

Edit.Monster won.It showed it like i won and went to show me my progression with Goliath but according to leaderboards i got a loss.

Weird stuff :slight_smile:

I guess i connected to fill a bot role together with someone else and game got confused?

I’ll keep editing here.Matchmaking keeps puting me to fill bot roles.

Leap smashed in there and with the harpoons holding me i couldn’t climb couldn’t turn.Goliath was completly stuck in that spot.Opened minimap to help you find out exactly where it was (I spammed everything WASD24SPACE and managed to get ouf there.

PS.Still won

3rd time happening.Waitting for someone to load but it never loads.This was a full game but people just left after 5 minutes of waitting.Also we get a penalty+loss for leaving

Gonna try and log in from my Work PC to see if i will loose my progress again