[PC] Bug - Character mastery isn't unlocked after patch 6

Hello, guys.

I noticed the characters’ abilities aren’t maxed-out when playing ranked Hunt, even though the latest patch states they are:

"All mastery and perks unlocked while playing Hunt 2.0"
[>> Evolve Patch 6 changelog here <<][1]
[1]: Patch 6.1.1 (PC) & 6.0.1 (Console) Notes

This means the characters I didn’t max-out before don’t benefit from this update. They appear as I left them: incomplete. (I hope the fix will arrive soon.)

Has anyone else encountered this issue as well?? If you did, please post about it here.

EDIT: A dev’s answer is needed.

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I may be incorrect in this, but I think that when you play ranked hunt all characters act as if you’ve finished their mastery, even if you haven’t. However, in all other modes you will still need to work on your mastery to gain the benefit.

I may be a bit off base on my understanding, though.

You can no longer get masteries in Hunt 2.0. That’s by design not a bug.

If this may be true, then we need a visual indicator which tells us the characters’ abilities are automatically maxed-out while playing ranked Hunt.

Then why do my masteries appear as incomplete in a ranked Hunt lobby (at character selection screen)? They should appear maxed-out.

It doesn’t make you fully mastered. It will show you don’t have them mastered (as it should) but will give you the bonuses as if you did.

If you say so…

Sorry, but I would prefer getting an official answer (= from a dev).

This means I won’t respond anymore to users’ replies. I’ll wait for a dev to elucidate me.

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@Shaners @MajorLeeHyper

Is this intentional? @ArPharazon @Miel :slight_smile:

No idea what’s intended, but @MajorLeeHyper usually knows these things.

@ Shaners
@ ArPharazon

Thank you for the replies.

I’ve contacted MajorLeeHyper via PM, but he didn’t respond. And the message was also removed (by him, I guess) :confused:

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I believe this is intended. There may have been some miscommunication about the change that was made here. I’m pretty sure only the Perks are supposed to be unlocked in this mode. I will follow up on this once I verify this though.

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I may be one to give TRS a hard time with bugs and purported fixes, but when they do something wonderful (like this) right I’m happy to go to bat for them as well.

This feature is in the game now, it just does not show all of your abilities at 3 stars. They are all actually maxed out though, for all intents and purposes. I just threw a ranked game to prove it (in case anyone doesn’t believe me or them in the future). I do not have 1 star in any of the Meteor Goliath masteries, so he was the perfect test subject.

Meteor Goliath’s rock is like Goliath’s rock, in that it has two stages of damage dealt. The rock itself deals damage and the area of effect explosion when the rock hits something deals damage as well. These two amounts of damage are exactly the same, but they are added together when you hit a living target. Additionally, Meteor Goliath’s abilities add a burning damage over time effect to targets he hits, which is also added to the damage calculation. A level 1 Meteor Goliath rock without mastery deals 292 damage, multiplied be 2 if you hit a target direclty, and adding 200 damage for the damage over time effect. This is a total of 784 damage. You can test this value yourself if you load up a custom solo game and disable mastery. Just throw one level 1 rock and then die. Check the after damage score screen.

A Meteor Goliath with full mastery will deal 10% more damage with the rock (meaning that the damage over time effect is NOT modified). That’s 58.4 damage, which will be rounded up to 59 damage. This means that full mastery Meteor Goliath Deals 843 damage with a single level 1 rock. I present the following evidence (this is the fastest I could lose a game in hunt on The Dam and guarantee the integrity of the test):

As you see in the performance screen at 4:15 I dealt 845 damage. TRS has a long standing bug that adds 1 damage to the actual amount of damage dealt, and since rock throw deals two seperate instances of damage, this happens twice, making the damage look 2 points higher than it should. My apologies to the french guys that I let have a free win without playing. If I knew how to apologize in french, I would have.

If there is any bug here at all (I don’t personally believe there is), it’s that when you play Hunt it doesn’t display that you are actually playing with maximum mastery. I don’t mind that though, because it’s sort of informative know how far away you are from new badges and elite skins. Many thanks again to TRS for this awesome patch!

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@ white_hawke8

:+1: OMG, thank you very much for the in-depth analysis and for elucidating me :yum:

Conclusion: the character masteries are truly unlocked (to max) while playing ranked Hunt.

Suggestion to devs :monster: : Add a notification in-game regarding the maximum mastery, when the players choose ranked Hunt mode.

No problem. This issue was very important to me also.

They did add a nice loading screen to show this to players. I don’t have a screen shot of it, but it’s new with Gorgon.