PC Beta: Performance Optimized?


I guess I’d just like to know if you TRS guys think you’ve got things nailed down yet in terms of performance optimization considering that the game is “gold”. Will the upcoming beta be an accurate representation of release-level performance or will we still be running an old un-optimized build? Is there going to be any way for us to gauge performance pre-release?

My personal issue is that, while I exceed the recently released recommended requirements (i7 @ 4.5GHz, 16GB RAM, GTX 680 w/ 4GB RAM), I was experiencing honestly pretty awful performance during the alpha testing (averaging FPS in the high 30s low 40s at lowest settings). I’m worried guys. Help me out here.


There were different specs for the Big Alpha and the ones released for release.


Meanwhile, I was getting low-high 30s with an almost identical build at maxed settings, so that’s weird.


I’m not gonna lie, my system is somewhat ass compared to the recommended specs, but I still managed to run it at a never-faltering 30-40 frames on medium-high settings throughout.


I don’t know if I’m mixing up my games, but did the settings do much difference in the end? I didn’t notice much of a change between levels…visually.


Performance was there was a massive difference between Med and High. As for what the differences were I don’t know. Most likely foliage and shadow effects would be my guess.


In the Big Alpha, settings on high=Barely any frames per second.
Low settings=Playable but a lot of lag.


Weren’t you taken to TRS’s secret torture chamber?