[PC] Behemoth delay before being able to roll is too long / feels bugged


I understand that you need to fix people spamming the roll + attack, but the cooldown period added after each attack before you can roll/move is way too long. I’ve played over 200 games with behemoth, but he feels so bad/awkward to play now. Every time you attack (which are really slow with behemoth), you have to wait about 2 seconds before you can move again or roll, and by then they have already escaped / jetpack boosted away. This on top of the roll stamina and damage nerf makes him much worse than he needs to be.

edit: It seems that there is additional delay, on top of completing the attack before being able to roll. Harpoons are way too strong now too. By the time that you break the harpoon and are able to roll again ~ 2 seconds, there is another harpoon in you already.

2.0.6/2.3.6 Monster Changes Discussion
2.0.6/2.3.6 Monster Changes Discussion

After testing it more, additional time (around maybe .5 to 1 seconds) has actually been added after finishing the attack being able to move, and then being able to roll. This is completely unnecessary.

edit: You can’t roll in combat anymore unless you want to have a delay between each attack, longer than if you had just attacked normally, so until they fix this, i suggest not using roll in combat if you are trying to kill someone.


Alright, so Rock Wall is bugged beyond measure, the roll is stopped by anything and everything, and you can’t roll in combat. Add that to the host of Behemoth bugs already…


Yup that to the addition that Behemoth was already before not good, he is now a walking corpse.


Oh yea, harpoons are like twice as good now since you have to wait before being to roll again. I used to think Crow was the best trapper vs behemoth, but it may be tied with Griffin now.

edit since this roll cooldown change is making other problems than chasing, I am changing the thread title.


The main problem is this weird delay after he finished his punch. There’s like 1-1,5 second added after the animation.

It makes the controls feel unresponsive.


Yea that’s what I thought, too. It seems bugged or extended longer than it needs to be.


Agreed. I’ve been able to work around it as Behemoth, but the animation is definitely ending roughly a second before the roll becomes usable again. I don’t mind the nerf so much at all, and once the stamina nerf is undone I think that’ll easily compensate, but the timing really is misleading.


Yeah its pretty bad. Its feels unneeded.


After playing a few games, the movement speed perk seems like a good way to deal with the roll cooldown until they can patch this. I was thinking of switching over to this perk anyways since the traversal perk got nerfed. You can at least somewhat chase people after your first roll attack.


Brave of you to login and try bob out. I had no need to test the finish animation crap idea. My nerves aren’t resolved enough these days to be harpooned and afterwards rooted in place till the next harpoon just because it is micropatch-bob day and I happen to roll upon a competent griffin.