[PC]Bad color issue on Arc Mines


PC,blind color 3

The Arc mines has color ring to shows the damage range,but it goes almost invisible when hunter is Abe or Grifin (gun shot or grenades make blue light

I think it is not the first time I suffering the issue,before I report the color issue when the mines be set on the dirt road(yellow background) when it has gold light

So the point is,do you want the monster see the mines clearly or just want us almost see nothing on the ground?

There is a mines on the ground,can you see the shape of the light

Find the target

aim the target

I realized there was a mines until I hit it


Yeah the mines are a bit weird again, I’m not sure how but they’re kinda hard to see again. @LadieAuPair would know about stuff like this.


did you change your color blindness settings?
I think only specific type of color blind players can see those colors.


I tried 3 type,it event harder to be read when they has quantum kara,too many colors in the fight


It worse when they has quantum kara