[PC] Any class looking for casual (or competitive...?) group to play with!


I’m a moderately skilled Hunter looking to find some decent people on the forums to play with. Hunters I can play…


Val - Pretty damn decent with her. Though I know she’s not viable.

Caira - Moderately okay with her. I’m not sure how to gauge my skill-level on her.

Slim - Decent with him.

[size=16]Support [/size]

Hank - Not too great, but can do well enough.

Cabot - Doing pretty decently so far. Getting some good damage in.

Sunny - Pretty decent. Only problem is forgetting to put up shield devices every now and then.


Maggie - Working on her. Average trapper.

Griffin - Decent trapper.

Abe - Decent trapper.

Crow - I ain’t touching him. He’s boring.


Markov - Somewhat decent assault.

Torvald - Decent Assault.

I’m PST. Available between 10am PST and 10pm PST during the weekdays. Weekends, I’m only available from 5pm PST - 10pm PST.

A couple of things to note. I can be pretty salty sometimes, and I don’t play nice too well with people performing poorly.


Val isn’t viable? >.<
Why is the world ending!


I love the entire Val character. Minus her face, the images don’t do her justice though. She’s just not viable outside of Goliath pub matches.


Not in competetive she aint. The topic regarding 350m Bucket Damage topic has a few anwsers that very nicely point out why she aint viable and why teams who run Val in ESL drop out pretty quickly


Single bump during primetime US.