PC and Xbox One


Hello fellow Evolve peeps,

I have a question about evolve, currently I play on PC but only had a mac computer which I got bootcamp strictly to play however it seems my computer gets very hot in bootcamp while playing in low resolution and low graphics on windows but seems to run other games pretty efficiently on the Mac operating system, I am a little concerned I am doing damage to my computer due to the heat while playing in bootcamp.

I was thinking about getting an xbox one to play evolve on among another xbox game, but I did not want to lose all my skins and content I have for the PC edition (skins and t4 hunters for example)

If I link my2k account to the xbox one version will that unlock all my skins and progression on xbox? or are they not able to link together?

If anyone knows I would appreciate the answer!


I have one question.

You can have a laptop in boot camp now?


ETA: No, skins don’t carry over between platforms.


Windows 10 might just change that I’ve heard


Yes my macbook pro has bootcamp on it :smiley:

also thanks for the info, I guess I gotta just deal with the heat or do something haha


thanks! that is great news, I can’t wait because I love evolve


No problem, even better is if what my PC friend says is true windows 10 will unite Xbox and PC gamers ^.^


that would be even better!


Thats microsofts goal truthfully





I don’t think he is talking about the same bootcamp as you. I think bootcamp is something you can put on your mac.


Yup! http://news.xbox.com/2015/01/xbox-one-phil-spencer-unveils-new-experiences-for-xbox-one-and-windows-10-gamers

Xbox Live and multiplayer across devices. Xbox Live is social, interactive, and seamlessly integrated directly into Windows 10, bringing gamers the experiences they love across devices, like multiplayer gaming on Windows 10 against players on an Xbox One, and messaging and chat with friends. And developers will get full access to the Xbox Live API, making it easier to create more powerful gaming scenarios across devices.

No Bob glow when starting Defend

Boom! PC gamers we peasants will soon be united with you!


Will we be able to use mouse and keyboard on Xbox with out having to buy an adapter when this becomes reality?


We can do that right now with the xbone i thought. Use kb+m


Not without some sort of adapter.


Eh, well… soon then. Very soon.


Yeah, and the adapters are ridiculously expensive. One by Xim is around $150.


This is a bad idea.