[PC] A connection to my2k could not be established



I’ve tried every solution available for this error and it still won’t connect. This is extremely frustrating as I am unable to complete the tutorials to unlock characters, I’m unable to play bot matches, and I’m unable to play online matches. I didn’t have an option to use my steam account instead of the my2k service either, it attempted to sign me in automatically while accepting the EULA.

Here is a list of what I’ve done:
~Reinstalled the game (3 times)
~Verified the cache (6 times)
~Changed my steam name (5 times)
~Deleted the m2k files (2 times)
~Allowed Evolve Stage 2 to pass through my firewall
~Allowed Evolve Stage 2 as an inbound connection
~Restarted my modem
~Reset my modem
~Rebooted my computer
~Completely disabled my firewall
(edit)~Also made a 2k account but noticed there was no option to link it to steam
Anymore suggestions would be appreciated.