Paytons Recipe for Monster success


Watching a bunch of alpha matches and theorized a simple strategy for success as the monster

  1. enter game around edge of map and eat until they find you
  2. down trapper to get out of dome
  3. continue to circle map and eat, every now and then go back in and try to down a hunter( make sure you have at least three downs before stage 3)
  4. stage three engagement: down medic, down assault (or if hank is support go for him second) then the other two are easy downs.

BE SURE to grab buffs when you need them and make note of where the elites are



not that easy. but sure :smile:
also if you dont land any strikes. stage 3 will still be very hard and you may lose.


I don’t think that the hunters won’t be that easy.


Are you saying the hunters will be easy?

Double negatives :'D


People seem to run around willy nilly without a set strat, i like to have a set plan and contingencies for special situations. This is the basic plan id use. Also running around the rim keeps them as far away from you as possible at all times
Things that would mess this up

  1. They catch on
    2.there are no fauna on the rim

what do you mean strikes?


Yep, my mistake, thought on competing the sentence but I couldn’t think of an ending…
So: I don’t think that the hunters will be that easy on you.


its not so much as “them being easy on me” as it is they dont know what im doing. If you sneak around rim and dont hit birds then the only evidence you leave is the dead animals to go on. I doubt they will be able to deduce my Strat by the time im lv 3


You’d be surprised how fast a group of hunters can rush in on your position as soon as one of them spots you. They don’t have to be all grouped together-- like it was said a few times, a good group of hunters will divide to search for you-- and they don’t even need to engage to signal your position. They can be as sneaky as you, even with the scent ability!


strikes are penalties the hunters get. so when they come in the drop ship they have % hp less per strike. a max of 2.

There is footage…I believe it was e3. 1 or 2 full hp full armor monsters took on the turtling hunter team at the generator with no strikes. the monster lossed both times.

Also, you down medic, go for assault. assault pops shield. sheild goes off and then you notice hes being healed by the medic because the cloaked support revived him while you took your attention away. if you sit on the medics body…an orbital barrage can take 7 bars or armor. plus assault is still hitting you and trapper is holding you in place so you cant move. its not gonna be easy but this isnt a bad strat to start out with.


well if they divide and one finds me id down him and keep going. what strat would you use as a monster?


o snap i dident know thattttt. I was thinking why dont they have a penalty for dying awsomeeeee. And yeah if they have hank sitting on medics body would be a no go, id stay right near it so they couldent get it but not right on top as to avoid the orbial barrage


even bucket tossing turrets towards you can start to really add up if you want to sit on the body for x amount of time. hydes flamethrower too.

I have plenty of strats lined up. each one with different build paths as the monster.


either or my main objective would be to run until i got to level 3 and the best bet is to down the trapper to get away.


Yeah, the health penalties are really important. Each one removes a quarter of their health, and after two strikes they no longer become incapped when their health reaches zero: they just die.

This also ties into why the monster glows brighter and brighter as it gets more armor (making it harder to hide), and why it loses armor when it evolves (wasting all the armor you might have built up). Both of these mechanics are supposed to encourage the the monster to attack the hunters earlier and get strikes on them.

A hunter team with no strikes is going to be a lot harder for the monster to wipe out, even if the the monster is stage three and has mostly full health and armor. This is also why Lazarus is so dangerous, because when he revives or rezzes somebody using his Lazarus device, they get no strikes for that incap/death.


when i say sit i mean until they die which is rather quick for lv 3 something like 10secs


I dunno which is btr yet, hit and run, or keep away, ill have to test it when i get the alpha. This is just a theoretical strat


It’s probably going to vary depending on the hunters. Like, if you do hit and runs, they’re worthless unless you get a strike or two. However, you can fight freely until your armor is gone, at which point you can flee to get more armor.

Hunters can mess with this plan, though. For example, in last week’s livestream match the monster engages the hunters, trying to get strikes. The hunters don’t throw their mobile arena until after the monster’s armor gets low. So, just when the monster wants to run, he can’t, and the hunters use the monster’s attempt at a hit and run to trick it and prolong the fight, letting them do serious damage to the monster’s health bar.

So, normally it would be a good idea to do hit and runs, where you attack and try to get strikes until your armor runs out, and then you flee. But if the hunters are smart, they can turn this against you, and in those cases you should probably keep your distance and only attack when the environment is against the hunters’ favor.


You ignored a key point of my post. Hunters can point your location out without revealing themselves. They -will- ambush you.


and when they do, id down the trapper and go about my merry way.


It’s not as easy as you make it sound, friend.