Pax Prime, Let's get it Kraken


Will TRS be at PAX Prime?
Will you be selling trapjaw plushies?
Will you have lanyards i can wear so that everyone at work is like “what’s that?” and i go “OMFG BROSEF!” and then melt their minds with awesome!?

… and all other things PAX PRIME (seattle)


Yup, TRS will be there and I’m hoping for a tier 3 reveal while they are there


Holy moly now apparently, there’s a “Kraken Theatre” as a location in PAX Prime.

PLEASE tell me that’s where TRS is gonna be? :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s their reveal about the last monster. It’s all deception based. The ‘Kraken Theater’ will turn into/metamorph into something else. Like a huge transformer mutation it will turn into a different stage altogether. :smiley:


That. . .would be AWESOME!

Or. . .or, the Kraken Theatre is actually just a red herring and TRS will actually be at:


Nobody ever suspects the Unicorn. . .


Interesting that the Pegasus, Kraken, and Unicorn are all mythological creatures. I was wondering if there was a theme going on but then noticed the less so mythological Raven and Serpent. Although, Serpent, Wolf, and Raven could all be 3 separate Metal Gear booths dealing with Vulcan Raven, Solid Snake, and Sniper Wolf.


When is Pax Prime and what’s the Link to see any videos from Pax Prime?


All you need to know is right here, dude!


We’ll be there :slight_smile: if you’re going, come say hello!


Will you guys be there until Monday?


I believe so


Ok cool. Reason I ask is because I bought badges for Monday and Sunday (cheapest days on E-Bay). I’ll see you guys there hopefully.


hehe if i had tickets, i would come and say hello but i also need to buy a flight ticket to get over there XD


1 more week until PAX. W00T!!!


when is pax prime.


and im getting a ps4 soon so anyone who has ps4 i will add you.


anything new possible going to be shown at pax?