PAX East news?


Without telling us what it is or what time it is, will any new info be revealed at PAX East? Even if there’s a little bit can you confirm us if there will be any news?


I believe a lot is revealed on and after pax east b cuz Many players are going to try it and tell the info online :smiley: but also a official info is provided after it atleast i believe so :slight_smile:


will people be allowed to record their gameplay and post them on youtube at PAX?


i believe if i understood right that they are not allowed to film it but as history shows… from other games that many MANY people will record the game…


well i hope people will be allowed to record and post them on Youtube.
Maybe more people will be interested in this game.

EDIT: I know there is many famous youtubers out there that want this game or looking forward for this game, so if they posting gameplay of the game, it will make other people interested in Evolve.


I believe TRS will post some of the content they’ve revealed onto the website here


I can’t wait to see you guys at Pax East! This is the #1 game on my list.

Also, who else will be going? I’ll be live-Tweeting as much as I can.


I wish I could go, but hope you have fun over there. :smiley:
(Btw tell them Squishie [me] said hi)


When is PAX East?
What country is PAX East on?


Its on the Northeast coast of the US. Its in April, but tickets sold out in October just 20 minutes after they were released for purchase. lol
I’ve gone for the past three years. Its an excellent convention.


Si in other words, i’m to late to buy tickets


Not unless you want to spend $400 on eBay. =/


yep they cost a lot :confused: its a shame it would have been the best birthday present for me to get there but its already too late :confused: its almost the same day as my birthday :frowning:


All of the great Game Events are in the USA, too bad that I live in The Netherlands!


too bad i live in Finland :D!


Okey, i gonna post some Evolve Video’s from PAX East.

I do not owned them.
Enjoy :smiley:


Can anyone from Turtle Rock give a little more info about the gameplay that’ll be released?


YAYHH :smiley:


Here’s some lovely gameplay, showing the monster stealthing, and generally getting beaten up a lot.


Thanks you for this epic vid ^^