Patterson is a interdimensional conquistador


This is my newest theory after release of kala… I’ve just heard a dialogue in game between hank and caira, hank ask does anyone know how this Patterson guy created all this technology. This is a long read :stuck_out_tongue:

Caira says no, but we do know it works. Hanks asked but is that not weird that no one knows how this guy created the Patterson equation, which has so many tech based on it force fields, stasis, etc.

Caira then says this is a science thing this happens all the time, all we know is that the Patterson tech works, through trial and error.

Hank then says he’s still not buying it that its still very strange how we have all this tech.

So this Patterson guy who the hell is he, and why is it that no one knows how he made the equation. All they have is tech that uses his equation. Many scientist can’t even break the equation, all they can do is use it to test new ways to use it. So basically there like lets to try to see if it can create force fields, oh yup it does. Score! And etc.

I think this Patterson guy was traveling through space where he accidentally ended up going into Cherenkov space. When he entered it he encountered the monsters. And it was there home, they were peaceful towards him and actually tried to help him get back. While Patterson was there, he seen all the things that these monsters can do.

So when he left, he stole the monsters equation. And also possibly even kidnapped one of them to further help him understand the equation because monsters powers also seem to use the Patterson equation.

So when he arrived back, he started testing the equation, he’s seen many monsters do many things for example maybe a monster who was capable of creating force fields, and monsters who seem to be able to manipulate gravity and so on.

So basically Patterson have seen what the equation was capable of so he knew what to try to use it to create. So he used the equation to try to manipulate gravity. It worked, so stasis was created, he tried to use the equation to create force fields it worked…

So basically what I’m getting at this sounds like what caira said. They don’t know how the equation wotks they just know it works through trial and error. So this Patterson guy seen these monsters do many many many things, and when he got his hands on the equation he just tried to use it to create things he seen the monsters do.

So force fields, stasis, teleporting. Etc. So now this brings the monsters attacking. Now since I think that the equation is originally the monsters and it comes from Cherenkov space that using it outside of Cherenkov space has very bad side effects in Cherenkov space. Humans using the tech in there own dimension is causing the destruction of the monsters home.

So they came to destroy everything that runs one “PATTERSON” EQUATION". There not bad necessarily, they just want to destroy all tech conneced to the equation. Even if this means that they will have to kill humans that are in there way. As I think it’s been stated monsters don’t want to kill humans.

Now not all humans are aware of the monsters true goals, there just monsters in there eyes. Now I think that some humans know what’s going on and are hiding it. Its possible that the celestial corp was created by Patterson himself. The celestial corp know a lot about the monsters and have many samples of them. I think that not only are celestial corp using the monsters equation but they are also kidnapping them to find applications of the equation itself.

I think the latest monster victim is wraith, you can see this in evactuation where they have a wraith captured and use what seems like the “PATTERSON” EQUATION and wraith to create teleporting tech. Basically once again trial and error.

So the celestial corp are the true bad guys., they are interdimensional conquistadors. And the Patterson guy stole the Monster\cherenkov equation and just named it after himself. He then created the celestial corp and continued to kidnap monsters to help create more tech. Meanwhile the monsters home is being destroyed by humans abusing the equation outside of cherenkov space. Monsters are the victims in all of this while celestial corp are the villainous puppeteers.