Patience Restored, But Trouble Brewing - Pre-order Question


okay, so I have a question for you related to pre-order, and if you can’t answer, maybe you can direct me towards somebody who can?

My question is: I’m preordering through a game store that’s in my area that isn’t listed via 2k. Currently I’ve heard from a friend that he pre-ordered a game from this store and it didn’t arrive as planned on the day of.
obviously, I can’t be expected to ask you to force them to get it right. What I’m wondering is, will this ship with the free monster DLC included?
I understand this is a pre-order bonus, but I am unsure as to whether i’ll be able to get it considering the game store’s slightly questionable reputation.
Alternately, if I don’t get the pre-order bonus, is there a way using a receipt or something that I can get it some other way? If i had had the money to order it off their website, i would’ve, but i had enough store credit with these people to cover the whole purchase.

If anyone knows, that would be helpful. Please and thank you :slight_smile:

edit: I posted this as a reply to MacMan in a different discussion, but figured this would go better if I just created a new topic for forum goers. While an answer from MacMan would be amazing, I can’t expect him to bail me out every time.


Name of the store? What country you in?

I couldn’t tell you for sure but I believe every game that is preordered will have the monster DLC, it’s not retailer specific.

Also what platform? If you are on PC, save yourself the hassle and get it on steam. If a console (or you want a hard copy) I really really suggest preordering on Amazon. If you preorder way in advance you usually get free release day shipping and it’s never failed me.

Honestly, I think I’ve preordered from a brick and mortar store twice in the last 3 years and both times it was a hassle.

Again though, depends on your region. I’m not sure what or anything outside of the U.S. is like.

Also going to clarify your title a little and move it to general since this Evolve related. Also you are more likely to get an answer to your questions with the subject in the title! Hopefully a TRS dev can help you out on this!


GameCrave. it’s a little store that opened and is family run in a town about 20 minutes legally from where I live.
Texas, United States. Platform PC. Hard Copy, and download via internet is undesirable, or Steam would be option 1.
I’m only worried because of the story I heard.

Friend A pre-orders game. GameCrave takes his money, but forgets to put in the order. Friend A goes to get it, and fortunately has receipt or Friend A would not have received his game.

I’m only worried with the fact that that can happen, if they get into my game, if they even preorder it, and use the code or sell it, if I can replace it. I’m unconcerned with having it on Day 1, waiting an extra couple days because of some sort’ve issue.

And I most definitely would have pre-ordered via Amazon for the hard copy if I hadn’t had 50$ in store credit at GameCrave in the first place. I’m not knocking other methods, just clarifying that my situation was made easier (no job currently) by utilizing this store.

edit: I forgot to thank you D: you helped me to potentially get attention as well as answered a variety of questions related to the topic.


That sounds like a problem with the store. If you pre-ordered the game with them, make sure you have and keep your receipt, that’s the proof that you pre-ordered it. If you have that, they don’t have any excuse for not giving you the code.


Speaking of pre-orders. When’s the pre-order going to be on steam? That’s when i’m cashing in mine.


I can’t speak to the local Mom and Pop game stores and how they handle preorders, but if you’re concerned about not getting the preorder bonuses have you considered ordering the physical copy from Amazon?


I’d imagine if ur store bites TRS could help hook you up?


That’s sounds really shifty like.

“Hey I heard TRS knows this guy, who can hook you up with the good stuff. You didn’t hear anything from me!”


I’m sure they’ll have a stack of pre-order codes they don’t need and seem to stand against their “product” :wink:


honestly that would’ve been my first choice if I hadn’t had store credit with the store in question.


Thanks for responding, i’ll keep that in mind.