Patch Theorycrafting


Continuing the discussion from First Patch ETA?:

So my feeling is this title update will include Behemoth and 2 new maps.

Why do I think this, well let me explain. Big title updates on the consoles cost money to put out because of MS and Sony cert, with it costing about 10k per title update on the Xbox from last I heard. So most title updates add meaningful content.

From what I can gather Behemoth sounds like he is just in the polishing and final balance stages right now, so him coming out in a few weeks doesn’t sound out of place. Also as of right now I know 2 “very cool” new maps, as they were described to me, are in development, don’t ask how I found out I just know.

Now I could be 100% Wrong and the title update will only be bug fixes, but it’s too fun to theorycraft :wink:

My levels reset twice

I believe the “bigger” update that MacMan is referring to will be both a content/bugfix patch that will roll out for all platforms. The small update for PC, will most likely just be a bugfix patch, most notably framerate, glitches, and the overlay/cursor issue.


really wish the console could get a small bug fix patch