Patch ruined the game


Reload Speed is a must on any medic, first Reload Speed didn’t affect all 4 abilities and now it’s Reload Slow Down. There’s no point playing right now, this needs to be fixed asap, a lot of my friends currently reject to play Evolve due this and I have to agree with them.


Stop it.


They are fixing it in the next (micro I believe) patch…
It’s a known issue, and a minor error. They mistakenly didn’t give us some code or something, causing reload speed to be fucked up. MacMan already knows of the issue, so this thread is nothing but complaints.


"They are fixing it in the next patch’ that’s what they said a month ago about the Kraken as well.


I’m pretty sure they said they were working on fixing the Kraken, they didn’t say they’d deploy his fix in this patch afaik


This is a known issue and doesn’t need it’s own post.

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