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I feel this requries a separate thread:

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I’m sure I can agree with you in some instances, but in regards to the next OP character or ability I would muchly prefer for it to be fixed as soon as possible. Playing against an OP instance is sustainable for only so long, before it starts having an effect on the player base numbers. Culling numbers should be top priority as soon as the new meta provides consistent enough data to indicate an overdose of damage.

If you update regularly it’s actually a lot easier to balance step by step, slowly lowering numbers instead of guessing where something should be. Lower numbers by too much and you’ll make a character underperform again.

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I like it personally. They have the benefit of Raw Numbers and a very good Sample Size. I think it’s perfect now.


Yeah I kind of agree with fixing OP characters needs to happen quick. But they are touching so many values and characters… I hope in the future the balance gets more stable.

Raw numbers and sample size doesn’t mean much if no one has adapted to the changes yet. They will all be wrong numbers.

I actually agree completely. We should probably wait a few weeks to let laz comps get used to the new drop ship mechanics before we insist on things being adjusted.


Yeah, but shouldn’t TRS’s QA department have time to test new Lazarus extensively before pushing changes out to the public? They only had a few days for that.

Of course you should use the public to see how changes affect things. But you cannot use the public as a general testing ground either.

Yes, they can. They’ve been doing it since the big alpha. There’s a reason why this is called a beta.


Good point. However, is it a true testing ground when the tests are done rashly?

Which is what I think the OP is getting at.

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Ok, I will allow the “beta” argument. Still IMO their QA department could use more time to test things before unleashing them to the public. And you need to give people time to adapt to the changes before evaluating the “results”.

You cannot use “beta” as an argument to do whatever you want. You will lose players. :wink:

Let’s remove Behemoth!


A testing ground is just that. A testing ground. Sometimes you need to test rash decisions and put them to practice, in order to figure out whether or not it’ll fix things. No one ever made any innovating changes without taking risks.

You mean Behemoth?

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Ther is nothing to get used to, he’s even more useless now than he’s ever been due to the fact that the monster literally has to camp the body for 5 secs and the hunter is back on drop ship with a strike. U don’t play laz for his healing, u play him to try prevent strikes. I think trs are doing a terrible job at trying to fix this game they adding unwanted mechanics and getting to complex with things trying to accommodate the new players wen in fact they have already left the game. Just bring back legacy evolve and make it f2p the game was great the way it was just the price tag and dlc made it unjustifiable, all this nonsense now with op perks shields from the dropship it doesn’t need it and just making things too complex which in turn will take longer to fix.