Patch not working? on Xbox


Patch not working on Xbox .


What do you mean? like you are playing online, and nothing has changed?


Make sure you go into multiplayer, that is how the micropatch is downloaded.


Should I have been prompted to download the actual patch when I load the game? Never got one since the patch notes were released.


Xbox only received the micropatch, you need to go into matchmaking to download it. After that it will be almost instantaneous, you may not even notice it.


Ok, I still didn’t get the micropatch then… my behemoth mastery still takes 175 tongue grabs.


You went into matchmaking, correct?


Yes, skirmish and evac. I even used behemoth and its still at x/175 tongue grabs and x/100 fissure double hits. At least they aren’t frozen.


Hmmm, I’m out of ideas. Let’s see if @MrStrategio or @MacMan have any ideas.


I signed in today and it gave me my mastery. Thanks for the help


Awesome! :monster: