Patch news?


hey I was wondering when the next patch/micro patch will be rolling out…like an exact date or close to exact…and also do u guys know exacty what will be done for the next patches


Rumors say that the patch for PC is today(Micropatch)


Could quite possibly be correct. I believe somewhere in the Telemetry and Game Balance thread there were mentionings of the PC getting a patch shipped out 2 weeks before console. Said 2 weeks ago, too, iirc.


So NO console patch? Am I hearing this crap correctly? Not even a fkin micropatch?


ook do u guys know what is gunna be on this patch/balancing?


I know right its annoying how they take so long…if they don’t want their game to die they should make patches/balancing a first priority


I like how MKX has been receiving weekly patches and this game can’t even hotfix a Reload Speed bug.


yea really…tell that to @MacMan


You mean MKX for console?


There is a thing with the consoles.In PC they can do the micropatches and get them released whenever they want.(as long as they pass the QA team)

In Consoles they need the approval of Sony/Microsoft and they can’t actually push patches whenever they want.

Anyway i don’t know the exact details but i do know whatever the PC is getting the consoles will get them all at once.

What i mean PC is getting the micro-patches and consoles will receive a Title Patch

MKX wasn’t even a game on PC.It was just a mess.

Balance mostly


8 days ago

All I could find in Telemetry and game balance.


Relevant to this conversation


lol wratih (-) again … wtf nerfed and nerfed and overnerfed



Just the radius of Warp Blast.That thing was like aftershock


Evolve is currently my favorite game on xb one, if they nerf my favorite monster again, I’m only going to play hunter for now on. TRS only looks at pub matches when doing these updates, which is probably the worst way to balance a game, based on your worst players complaining. if anything the decoy needs to be reworked to be a decoy, the community has been saying that for the longest time, please listen to us.


They don’t look at pub matches for anything good try


Eh, they’ve done plenty to balance the competitive meta and talk about that frequently. Referencing Wraith’s nerfs, you can’t just cater to a very small portion of the community and let something as broken as Wraith was just destroy the community in large (and the overall value of the game) simply because it worked at that higher level. I think the devs found themselves in an unprecedented situation: the game was asymmetrical in the first place and they knew that, but its interesting how the balancing needs to be asymmetrical as well and finding an middle ground looks to be quite difficult.


They are looking closely at the competitive as well.

Also lets be honest here.Wraith’s Warp Blast deserved it.That thing is undodgeable.Its like an aftershock.And its so fast.
Damage will stay the same.Radius will still be big.But not THAT big


Yes we all know consoles have to be checked before releasing them but other games release them much faster TRS are so slow i’ve already stopped playing evolve,maybe the odd game that’s it.

I predict this game the way it’s going wont go another year before being completely dead.