Patch hasn't effected me?


I was reading through the patch notes again to make sure of a few things because I hadn’t seen any trace of these buffs/nerfs to Elite or Mastery perks. I assumed that they had changed them, just hadn’t changed the writing, so despite it saying “15% damage reduction” is would actually only provide 10% damage reduction as per the new patch, or saying “50% cooldown reduction” but is actualy giving 35% as per the patch, etc. That made sense to me so I left it at that.

However, I thought that now would be the perfect time to finish off levelling my Behemoth now that I don’t have 175 mid-air tongue grabs to grind through and, well:

I am now on 33/175, if the patch had been implemented for me and it was just a display bug then I would have unlocked it at 30.

Fissure also is now on 83/100 and still not unlocked as if it had been 50.

Is this just because I started on them prior to the patch and so now I have started the long grind to 175 I have to finish it?

If so then it’s a case of “ah well, time to get on with my life” but if the patch has not been implemented for me it would be good to know. Anyone else have anything different or the same thing?



What platform? Looks like PC?



Are you just grinding in solo or have you played MP? You have to start up MP for the patch to take effect.



Ah yeah, I’ve just been grinding solo. Okay, that explains it, thanks :slight_smile:

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