Patch has removed all my DLC characters

After downloading the new patch I was able to play one solo game as Jack but that’s all I get for today I guess. I go into MP and all of a sudden all my DLC characters are locked. I go back to solo still locked. Verify game data…still locked.

I felt like a kid at christmas today with the new meta game coming out only to rip open my presents to find…socks.

This issue is being looked into so try to be as patient as possible. Keep an eye on the forums for updates on the issue. :wink:

I’m looking into this right now. No worries. Also, maybe search the forums in the future, we’ve got a couple thread on this.

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ya, after looking around I see that it’s not just me having the issue. I hope we get a fix ASAP, the one match I played as jack was so much fun. Hes like an obnoxious little demon lol

Keep an eye on this thread for updates.

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