Patch 9.0 changes discussion thread


The new listing of confirmed and teased changes for the upcoming title update can be found here:

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Lazarus was the worst idea for a hunter
Patch 9.0 held back a few months
Evolve 2 if they make it
Caira is being forgotten?
So you guys have been talking the next Micropatch lately
Elder Kraken - Unleashed NOW!
It's time to buff Caira
How long does "SOON" takes?

God, lazarus adaptation sounds crazy underpowered. I hope that’s not what they release. Laz is my favorite character, and ive been looking forward to the adaptation for a long time.


Goliath is having more air control.


No those are the confrmed changes coming to Lazarus in the next update

Not an Adaption :sweat:


Wow. Might not play medic ever again after that update.


You should probably split/indicate what is speculation and what is confirmed Azmi.


He did though :cold_sweat:


Oh, the # thing. I see.


I’m liking the Laz rework. Finally, I can get strikes when he’s out, even if I have to slap a downed hunter to do it.




FFS. I can already see the “cabot & laz” meta coming back.


Yes he is, unfortunately.


Yeaup. Laz teams are already easy as sin to destroy, now this will just make them ungodly levels of easy.


This is my only gripe

I have alot of reservations when it comes to adjusting how effectively Lazarus can revive teammates. I’ll have to wait to see his buffs to cast judgement, but if Lazarus is gonna get a rework AND a nerf to his revives. I think we might be reentering the Lazarus Dark ages


That’s what’s going on


What is wrong whit that Lazarus nerf O.O he will be very crap
The reason why the Monster must kill Laz is because he can revive whitout the strike now he will be very useless -.-

i hope TRS dont make this real


Wow whats up with trs nerfing characters that are unwarranted, Lennox nerf? Cabot nerf? and now an already underpowered lazarus nerf? Like wtf is going on


Sounds like they want to get rif of all “toxic” mechanics. So let’s kill off the most unique medic of the bunch because people can’t adapt or strategize apparently.


Being able to avoid death/dropship at all and contribute to the team at full health is still nothing to sneeze at though


Speculations have the hashtags behind them, just like I did with the last thread.