Patch 8.0 Gorgon build discussion


Hi, Im main Gorgon player. I just try patch 8.0 Gorgon few games and I feel like she cant play in the same way like in patch 7.0

Before this patch, I always bring increase damage perk to hide her weakness that lack burst damage
S1 - 2 Web Snare and 1 Spider Trap
S2 - 1 Web Snare and 2 Acid Spit
S3 - 2 Spider Trap and 1 Acid Spit
I rarely upgrade Mimic, depend on map and situation

My combo is initiate with WS then throw my cute spider behind hunter or somewhere not in hunter’s line of sight and follow with Acid Spit to burn their jet pack and force them to run into my baby.

But in this patch I feel like Spider Trap and Acid Spit is not effective enough
So I try new build

Perk - still experiment between increase damage and move-speed
S1 - 1 WS , 1 AS , 1 ST
S2 - 3 Mimic
S3 - 2 WS , 1 AS
S1 - 2 WS , 1 ST
S2 - 1 AT , 2 Mimic
S3 - 1 WA , 1 AT , 1 Mimic

With this build I can burst hunter down really fast with Mimic but… Im still feel 7.0 Gorgon is stronger and her style is change to brawler like Goliath.

Now I dont know how I should play Gorgon properly in this patch.
With level 1 WS is too small and slow, and level 2 Mimic isnt effective enough to use against experienced hunters.

I need 2 more point to reach silver skilled but now im not confidence In my Gorgon anymore.
Pls share your thought about patch 8.0 Gorgon build, I really need your help. Thanks :slight_smile:


I would try this:
1web snare 1 acid spit 1 spider trap
2 web snare 1 mimic
2 mimic 1 spider trap


With these nerf i actually try to embrace the brawler aim for gorgon, dont focus on acid spit anymore, heavy cc the hunters and then punch them in the face. When possible, use mimic to deal heavy damage while taking cover :wink: spider trap is still essential, need to deny revivals.


I still go
1- ws
And i just add 1 to each every evolve. Still wont use mimic. Almost a sliver expert. Playing against silver skilled teams is manageable but silver expert and higher will always be tough for this monster in my opinion


Still going to go with my Build.

S1: 1 Spider, 1 Acid, 1 Web
S2: 1 Spider, 2 Acid, 3 Web
S3: 1 Spider, 3 Acid, 3 Web, 2 Mimic
Perk: Damage Increase

I only use the spider trap as a distraction or to get someone off a platform, since Gold hunters or high Silvers aren’t going to caught by it very often. Acid spit to change the hunters position or for more damage when comboed with the Web Snare. Mimic helps with that extra burst damage, it can even help better when a person is incaped to kill the body quicker or to punish anyone going for the revive, also another good combo with Web Snare, since they wouldn’t be able to jetpack away to avoid the Mimic. Web Snare is just very useful overall and can be followed up by any Ability, Melee, or Pounce.

Wall pounce ambushes or while in combat will also provide some extra burst damage.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


1 mimic is virtually useless. Put it to 2 or 3 or don’t skill it at all.


I dont main gorgon, but my teams trapper plays it a lot, If i were you, I would try initiating a wallpounce in your attack list. Wall pounce deals a stupid amount of burst damage, and the closer hunters are to the edge of your reach, the more damage done. basically, any hunter with half health is down.


Thanks evevryone for your help =)
I will try every build after I finish my work to find wht build is suit me

And wht do think about 8.0 patch Mimic?
I feel like it isnt reward enough to use it and need 2 level in Mimic to get effective bomb radius.

In my opinion, this skill need to buff radius in level 1 (may be level 2 too) and a little bit buff in damage. May be 760-800 in level 3… but at least it should not deals same damage as Goliath’s rock throw


My build is:

S1: 2 Acid Spray 1 Web Snare
S2: 1 Web Snare 2 Spider Trap
S3: 2 Mimic 1 Acid Spray

I don’t play Gorgon a ton but that always works for me :smiley_cat:


S1 : 1 AS - 1 ST - 1 WS
S2 : 1 WS - 2 M
S3 : 1 WS - 1 AS - 1 M

With Gorgon you need the Mimic it’s like a rock throw , when someone is in the ST use it you deal a lot of dammage maybe 1 strike i’am silver elite and i always play with good team and if you know what to do Gorgon is really good


Haven’t played much of her since the patch, but I typically go with 2 WS and 1 AS to start off. I try to get to stage 2 as fast as possible as I feel Gorgon can really stuggle in stage 1 domes.

Stage 2 I normally take 1 WS (bumping it up to 3) and then ST and AS. This is when I go in for strikes.

By stage 3 I usually ignore mimic completely, but I’m tempted to give it another go.


Thank you everyone for your advise :smiley:
And now I just have been promote to Silver Skilled XD
But I will continue experiment about Gorgon build and perk more
Knowing someday TRS may buff Gorgon fills me with determination =w=