Patch 8.0 Discussion (Updated With Patch Notes)


The official thread for patch 8.0!

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[PRE] Patch 8.0 Discussion of Confirmed Changes and speculated changes [No Alpha Elite Skin]
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Patch notes have not been officially released yet, please keep this on topic.


Thanks :heart:


first. Kala Kim is awesome!


How bout that Elder Kraken doe?


some1 can discripe his abbilities? :smiley:


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Is the patch out yet on ps4 in the USA?



When will Elder Kraken be available?


Yeah I saw Tht. Thought it might have dropped early or something


Only for EU so far.


I simply cannot wrap my head around PS4 (NA) patch being expected for the 27th when PSN ALLways updates on Tuesday…makes zero sense to me.


How big is this update?? I cant be bothered with another 15 gig download…


Title updates are usually below 2.0GB. At least on PC, they usually download for 1.5GB.


Thts what I mean. Everything else has been on Tuesday


Every update uve had so far it always says about 15 gig…


Yea id be legit suprised if this turns out accurate, I suspect some sort of miscommunication.


I’ve recieved every patch and update on tuesdays. Got all the characters a day before they say they will release. I expect kala today (1/26) (NA)


What platform are you on?