Patch 8.0.0 Notes (All Platforms)


Patch 8.0.0


New Content

  • Kala
  • Elder Kraken (unreleased)

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining an in progress Quickplay match


  • Fixed graphical corruption showing up on character highlights
  • Fixed a crash related to graphics
  • Fixed a crash that could occur after playing multiple games in a row at random

Xbox One

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while joining a game in progress


  • General

    • Fix for a crash that could occur after disconnect and reconnecting to the internet
  • Hunters

  • AI Bot Supports and Bot Laz will no longer fire if they are cloaked and not being focused

  • All

    • Fixed human ragdolls not turning into corpses at the right time
    • Fixed reviving players becoming stuck or falling through the world
  • Cabot

    • Fixed damage amp sometimes amping attacks immediately after the amp is turned off
  • Caira

    • Healing Grenades no longer rumble the controller
  • Emet

    • Fixed a crash that could occur with the Respawn Beacon
    • Body now turns into robot corpse instead of human corpse
    • Updated gameplay tips on loading screens to be more accurate
    • Updated Emet’s 3 star Healing Buoy Mastery Challenge text to be more clear
    • Fixed demon core line about Maggie’s death not playing properly
    • Fixed VO lines about healing other hunters not playing as often as they should
    • Updated all Respawn Beacon masteries and awards with better descriptions
    • Fixed some typos for Emet specific loading screens
    • Updated localization issues in French, Russian, Italian, and Spanish
    • Fixed Healing Buoy sometimes failing to land on certain surfaces
    • Fixed Respawn Beacon respawning players outside of the arena in Arena mode
  • Hyde

    • Fixed Reload Speed perk not working for Toxic Grenade
  • Jack

    • Survey Satellite will no longer be destroyed by friendly fire
  • Lennox

    • Fixed an exploit related to Plasma Lance
  • Slim (added)

    • Fixed an issue where leeches would get lost by changing Slim’s heal burst cast to .001 seconds from .5 seconds
  • Tech Sergeant Hank

    • Shield Charger now works properly with Lennox and Daisy
    • Fixed Orbital Drill displaying the wrong weapon name while using it in game
    • Fixed Orbital Drill audio not playing correctly on occasion
    • Updated text instances of the Laser Cannon being referred to incorrectly
    • Fix for Tech Sgt. Hank’s weapon camo appearing on regular Hank’s weapon when viewing Hank in character select UI
  • Wasteland Maggie

    • Fixed a bug that could make Flame Snare take longer to reload
  • Torvald

    • Fixed shotgun sounds getting stuck on under certain conditions
  • Monsters
  • All

    • Fixed monsters pushing hunters or themselves through the world with melee finisher attacks
    • Fixed animation sync problem when monsters cycle abilities quickly
    • Possible fix for cases of invisible walls blocking monsters from moving through normal areas of the maps
    • Movement speed perk and buff now work appropriately while slowed by Tranqs and Stasis effects
    • Breathing sounds now have a standardized range of 20m for all monsters
  • Gorgon

    • Fixed a bug where Gorgon could continue to take burn damage done to the Mimic
    • Traversals play more smoothly in low latency games
    • Fixed level 3 Spider Trap dealing incorrect initial damage (now 366, was 266)
  • Kraken

    • Fixed audio not playing correctly during death sequence
  • Meteor Goliath

    • Improved pause menu ability descriptions
    • Fix for skipping part of the rock throw animation
  • Wraith

    • Fixed instances of Wraith’s Abduction causing players to fall through the map
  • Maps
  • Matched relay health on The Dam to all other maps
  • UI
  • Fixed UI errors during Evacuation that could lead a memory leak crash
  • Fixed memory crash related to menu buttons
  • Updated some subtitles that didn’t match what was spoken
  • Fixed audio of multiple videos playing at the same time after scrolling through the video gallery

Balance Adjustments


  • All
  • Updated difficulty ratings on many characters based on community feedback
  • Markov
    • Arc Mines
      • Damage increased to 675 (was 600)
      • Lightning Gun
      • Range increased to 25 meters (was 22.5)
  • Lennox
    • Plasma Lance
      • Level 1 damage reduced to 90 (was 100)
      • Level 2 damage reduced to 180 (was 200)
      • Level 3 damage reduced to 270 (was 300)
      • Level 4 damage reduced to 360 (was 400)
  • Crow
    • Stasis Gun
      • Rapid and Charged shot projectile speed increased to 250 meters per second (was 80)
  • Jack
    • Survey Satellite
    • Damage reduced to 500 (was 675)
    • Dual Pistols
    • Damage reduced to 34 (was 36)
  • Caira
    • Heal Burst
    • Cooldown reduced to 18 seconds (was 20)
  • Slim
    • Leech Gun
    • Changed to a fully automatic weapon
    • Fire rate reduced to 210 rounds per minute (was 240)
  • Emet
    • Replay Cannon
    • Tracker shot damage reduced to 45 (was 65)
    • Homing shot damage reduced to 45 (was 49)
  • Sunny
    • Jetpack Booster
    • Capacity Reduced to 70 (was 100)
    • Jetpack boost value reduced to 40% (was 50%)
    • Mininuke Grenade Launcher
    • Damage reduced to 165 (was 175)
    • Shield Drone
    • Health Reduced to 250 (was 300)
  • Blitz Markov
    • Tesla Mines now have an increased glow so they are easier to see


  • Meteor Goliath
    • Burn duration increased to 6 seconds (was 5)
  • Gorgon
    • Spider Trap
    • Level 1 damage per second reduced to 40 (was 62)
    • Level 2 damage per second reduced to 41 (was 62)
    • Level 3 damage per second reduced to 44 (was 66)
    • Acid Spit
    • Level 1 duration reduced to 3.8 seconds (was 4.8)
    • Level 2 duration reduced to 4.6 seconds (was 6)
    • Level 3 duration reduced to 6 seconds (was 7.8)
    • Mimic
    • Level 1 Gorgon break health increased to 320 (was 200)
    • Level 2 Gorgon break health increased to 400 (was 200)
    • Level 3 Gorgon break health increased to 520 (was 200)


  • Defend
  • Turret health reduced to 800 (was 1100)
  • Turret damage reduced to 10 (was 20)

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I think we forgot to mention this – if you are an Overwolf user, you should be able to use it with Evolve again. Please let us know if you have any further problems using Overwolf with Evolve.