Patch 7.0.1 Discussion


Please use this topic to discuss anything and everything to do with patch 7.0.1.

Patch notes:

Jetpack Buff Post Patch?
Patch 7.0.1 Notes (All Platforms)
Telemetry and Game Balance 6.1.1

As soon as I get home from school, too!

Anyone else notice wasteland maggie and tech sgt hank?


Thanks for the patch notes!


oh goody no changes to chase comp. Well guess I’m never playing monster again.


Yes! Was the first thing I looked for!


When will the new Wasteland Maggie and Sgt Hank be available?!


Disappointing balance changes but, as always with this game, “next patch it’ll be better”, as it’s been for a year.


No Bucket buff :sob:


Overall there arent very many changes to individual each chracter, and none that I particularly wanted the melee damage changing with stage thing looks awesome though.


They are in QA right now so it depends what comes up in that period


No date then?


Not yet, but before the T5 support most likely. Their inclusion in the patch notes suggests that they are going to try to release in a similar way to rogue val and blitz markov


I see the patch is listed as live on the PC, but no patch as of yet.


restart your steam, it’s out there


I remember they weren’t doing much with this TU that the next one was going to be more on the bugs and balancing


Anyone else sick of EMET’s vulgarity already? When your main battlecry involves ‘dick’ and ‘twat’, time to get a new writer.


anyone else feel like the jetpack got a lil buff?


Nope, I love variety and he’s one of the funniest characters I have seen so far and I thought Jack would be the one.

And no, no new writer, TRS’ writer is a genius.


Nope, still enjoying it even though it’s been as long as 2 hours!


No fix for the graphical issues on the PS4. Bummer. I want to play again but those graphical bugs are often game breaking for me.