[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion

That name is so cute.

It says it on one of the in game load screens, so it must be.

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Thank you very much! I had not seen this screen.

I like all of these changes. Should make playing against certain characters less irritating, and open up more avenues of counterplay. It’s also nice to see that the hitbox changes came as well which should make pub life much easier, and probably shake up competitive as well.


What did bucket ever do to you to you you monsters :cry:

dang, now the only support I don’t suck with, sucks. again.



Totally not a nerf technically.

So I hate being that guy but I’m gonna be that guy who asks whether I can play Gorgon once this finishes downloading.

Is the weapon swap reload glitch fixed too? Would LOVE to know it is. Also Val nerfs…so you guys reverted her tranq duration back to vanilla time eh? That’s fine. I don’t like the marker nerf though. Any particular reason why that was done?



No tag!?


Thanks bro

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You should be able to.

I think hunt is down currently though.

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Sorry! Love you :heart:

Also the HB for TM’s got a slight nerf to on Val…I guess that sucks but eh. Just the marker nerf sucks. I was expecting a much worse nerf for tranqs and rifle though. Thankfully that never happened.


Continuing the discussion from Patch 6.0.1 Notes:

One of my favorite updates!!!

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Never mind. It just popped up.

Wooooo! This is awesome, I was making time in my schedule to play it tomorrow. I shall drink to this while it downloads! (I hope it’s not against the forum rules to talk about alcohol consumption)

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I want to elite her tomorrow, with any luck. :D:D:D:D

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Heh, here comes the mandatory race to elite :stuck_out_tongue: I will eventually because I play mostly solo, I enjoy eliting monsters first. Oh, I have a great night ahead, this makes me happy :smiley:

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I don’t think it’s in the notes, but it looks to me (or sounds to me) like the sound levels have been rebalanced this update. It’s much easier to hear wildlife now, so much so that on my first go I was confused as hell.

I’m also getting the impression that changes have been made to how quick the thunderdome toast displays to “spoil” the fact you caught the monster? Might just be my perception though


when sunny shoot gorgon it glitches for me anybody has this.