[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion

Could have been useful 6 months ago, right?

Spore buffs. Yay, I’m only hoping the “see health bar” thing is actually implemented so I don’t have to kill every Slim I see for picking Slim.


Don’t forget his heals got buffed too.

The adaptations are coming out too?? Shaners said they’d be out between Nov 3rd and thanksgiving… (Though technically that’s still true…)

Heals aren’t too bad to me. I can live with his heals, it’s the spores that cripple me.

So um since you guys are here is tranq still ignoring move speed perk or is that like intentional that Val being viable means movespeed perk isn’t?

Looks like Armor Perk for the monster might become viable.

Evolve - gain 20% armor. Book it to the other side and gain armor on the run!

Not seeing anything about the 3 deployables change in the patch notes. Is that coming out tomorrow?

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They said it was. Same thing with the Monster gaining 20% armor after an Evolve. No mention of it.

Yeah if you arent getting shot at endlessly from hunters that are magicly staying on your ass some how. .-.

Are the incap health increase and jack pistol dmg nerf in this patch? They were in the notes for the last patch but weren’t really in it.

Maybe its not complete?

They nerfed his sat cd to 60sec

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Then they should have waited to put up the notes then to avoid confusion…

Paraphrasing patch 6.0.1

hunters are nerfed slightly.
monsters are buffed slightly.

No more griffin val running Trains AKA tranq to harpoon to tranq to harpoon strat nerfed.

All 4 medics are more viable due to val slight nerf and slim, ciara slight buffs.

Yeah - Armor regen got a buff, Thanks TRS.

  • No patch notes written about 3 deployables instead of 5.
  • No patch notes on stats for the 3 deployables.
  • No patch notes on evo armor amount.


Maybe… they revived my two sentry brothers?


I’m think the notes aren’t complete yet but at least they buffed Parnell’s rocket launcher

I think this is the very first Patch ever since Alpha, that doesnt mess that hard around with numbers and has just a small amount of adjustments - Hats down, its going forward!

Yeah these really don’t seem to be complete based on what we have been told in streams and other place in the forums over the past month.

Or at least say it isnt complete. - .

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