[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion

Awesome news, thanks :slight_smile:


Nothing for Wraith?? I feel sad :disappointed_relieved:

Thank god!!

Yeah but is missing marcov mine damage and radius and griffin sound spikes. these notes are incomplete.

The devs are more powerful though :wink:


###Super happy with these.

Still no fixes on Fusion Plant, that relay is cheesy as ****…

Ohh interesting…

TRS you don’t know how happy this makes me,

:kissing: thank you thank you!!!

sutble changes on the overall ability, the tranqs nerf are an interesting choice.

I knew that Miley was strong at a few things during the stream but I’m sure more will soon come after people get their hands on her, there will be nothing left of her until she’s just another Wraith clone.

@moiser don’t you just love these changes? I’m hoping an extra grenade will drop in the next patch.

These slim changes are so cool.

Interesting… I’ll like to see how this will effect the game. I’m thinking that this’ll effect console players the most and make him less meta there.

I’d thought that they’d just reduce the reload speed and call it a day, nice seeing a meta shift.

As someone who plays mainly Crow as a trapper I don’t know how I feel about this, but I’m guessing this is to equalize the trappers more.


Does this mean it’ll be easier to use like Jack’s repulsor?

Ohh Sunny is getting toned down a bit, cool. The screen shake reduction is what I’m excited the most about.

More on Monsters…

Poor Behemoth, getting his hitboxes fixed but health nerfed. :cry:

Wraith 2.0

As a mostly Kraken player I think the hitbox changes are fair and so are the stamina changes. But are the changes that game changing that they require Kraken to get a health buff?

This’ll make the mode somewhat a little more interesting.

Aww… TRS you do care…

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I heard they were buffing the decoy AIbut not sure.

I’m just glad I can finally queue as monster with my friends! This is going to make things MUUUUCH better, faster, and more fun from now on!

Then the devs couldn’t give bucket enough materials to produce 5 of them anymore

Please tell me you linked the wrong thread there, and there’s another one somewhere that actually has fixes for ANY of Wraith’s problems…

Otherwise fuck it, I’m maining Gorgon from now on, at least her abilities look like they WORK.

They said they were making changes, I think it means how the Decoy behaves rather than number changes.

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Monsters still spawn without armor in Arena.

Edit: No, hold on. Something’s fishy here.

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WHAT?! </that’s not possible!>


I just checked on mine… This is Fixed! Are you sure you’re on the latest build?

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I’m hoping some of behemoth’s flaky moves get more consistent

So question. Was the ps4 error code crash been fixed? @MajorLeeHyper

No mention of the removal of contextual aiming for monsters?

#Gorgon is playable on PC.


Aaaaaaaawwwwww :notes:

Freak out! :notes:

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Sorry, I was a tad too quick.
Multiplayer spawned me without armor.
Now we’re playing Arena again and the new Monster player does have armor.

Trying out the default settings in Solo tells me it’s now supposed to start with 100% armor?

It’s… erm. All over the place.