[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion

Yeah…I don’t play a lot Online (After this upcoming weekend, I think I will jump into Ranked proper. I play all Monsters quite a lot, but I’m still a little nervous since my favorites, Goli and Bob, are on the short end of the stick), but I’ve seen how buggy his traversal can be, particularly when watching SAG’s videos. I feel Bob would be a lot better if they just fixed his traversal and Fissure bugs.

I believe the body decay time was decreased to 15 seconds now! what the heck man… are you guys serious with the laz nerfs like for real though

Yeah no. It’s not 15 seconds. If it was then Laz would literally be useless.


yea, lazarus was untouched this patch with the exception of a bug fix

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As of 6.0, Bob in Traversal form is 100% rocky plates, and all rocky plates are 50% limb damage, so yes.

Only bullet/hitscan weapons are affected by hitbox modifiers. Flame, lightening, mortars, rockets, nukes, orbitals, these all do 100% damage (but cannot register “headshots” or weakspot hits). E.g. rolling into a ball won’t mitigate standing in an acid grenade while Hyde melts you with his flamethrower.

Maybe the monster ate half of the body? Then it would be indeed 15 seconds.

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I always thought that was funny.

Monster eats half the body. The rest gets revived. Poor Torvald already had it rough. @demonhunter1245


Well it’s like being able to rez robots. They explained how it’s done through convo’s and how the device works…at least so far. There is probably more to know but I’ve never encountered it yet.

Actually, Lazarus doesn’t know why it works on bucket. He doesn’t even know how it works to begin with…Lol.

Basically it’s like a defibrillator for the brain. However, that doesn’t give Torvald half his eaten body back.

Gameplay reasons. That and I think there is some sort of regen factor too. I think I know the reaons for not getting torvald’s whole body back. Laz mentions something about “being rezed from dying from old age only to die again near instantly”.

There is definitely something to be known because for example, why would laz men be thrown into the mutgen war? Laz men weren’t trained on how to be a medic they were trained just to rez people…but the thing is…if someone gets shot and dies from said shot then they get rezed…what happens to the shot?

I’m fairly certain a regeneration factor is also part of the device.

It works on Bucket because Bucket has the mind of a rank-rajat inside his head that powers the repair drone Bucket pilots. At least I believe that’s what the game states.

As a Bob main I disagree with you…his RW and TG need to be prioritized over everything.

Do his Rock Wall and Tongue Grab still have a lot of issues? Weren’t there already a lot of attempts to patch them?

Yes. Well, at least Rock Wall still does.

@DamJess updated the patch notes with some more Behemoth fixes than were listed originally. Looks like a lot of improvements to Tongue Grab. Also, 1 of the 2 annoying traversal bugs has been fixed.

Rock Walls still form gaps for various reasons. According to the patch notes, only a bug where Rock Wall could push the Behemoth out of the Arena was fixed.

Fissure still sometimes fizzles. There is mention of fixing a bug where hunters close to walls don’t take Fissure damage. Not sure if this is the same or a different issue.


There are still many issues with Behemoth. These are the ones I currently experience…

Rock wall: gaps still occur
Tongue grab: very inconsistent (hitbox issues, hunters still escaping successful tongue grabs)
Traversal: players still lose control of Behemoth

in some games against behemoth i noticed that hunters can still cause the gaps… i saw a lot of assaults breaking it… when they push.

Yeah, any hunter can intentionally or inadvertently force a gap by tanking a section. I think they need shields on them. Also, I think Thunder Strike can do it even without Lennox popping her shield.

Been playing more Gorgon, so I don’t have much feedback yet on what’s better or the same as far as Behemoth bugs.

Don’t forget that daisy is so fat she gets rid of 2 sections. :stuck_out_tongue:

After 1 week I think it is time to state my more or less humble opinion on the patch:

The Gorgon seems very pub-stompy due to her damage over time character. Also the Spidertrap destroys uncoordinated teams right now. There are some characters that have a lot more trouble dealing with them then others, which I don’t like. I still have not figured out how to use Mimic effectivly though.
I am looking forward to Blitz Markov and Rogue Val :smile:

Continuing the discussion from Patch 6.1.1 (PC) & 6.0.1 (Console) Notes:

All changes that I like. You forgot to add that a strike is now better to see on other peoples healthbar and that you can switch from the first character to the last in the leaderboard when clicking the left arrow.

Who doesn’t love those, especially this one :heart_eyes:


Overall I like most of this. Keep going.
I think I might make one of these “Inofficial patchnotes” things soon to state what I would personally change in the next TU.