[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion

Try it before you judge dude. Slims in a good place, both to play as AND against.



Hi, I have few questions about changes made in this patch that I dont understand , I would really appreciate if you could enlighten me.

  1. Why Bucket’s sentries didnt recieve any major dmg buff or at least accuracy buff with minor dmg buff, when there are only 3 ? The missing dmg form the 2 sentries is pretty huge nerf for Bucket.

  2. Same goes for Markov’s mines, no dmg or health buff? Why?

  3. This question goes to all deployables.
    If now we have only 3 of each, why te “setup time/ reload time” or whatever it is called hasnt been decreased ?


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My assumption/theory is that they wanted to do the balance buffs slowly to let everyone adjust to having 3 of everything.

If we are able to make 3 sentries work very well, than a buff may not be entirely needed. Maybe an accuracy tweak later on.

They already did a huge splash in the pond. Now they have to let it settle before tossing in smaller rocks.

No damage buff was fine for me. They need markov and blitz Markov to play differently and to effective at different levels of skill. This is one reason I assume

Well, a primary purpose of this change is to make the deployables LESS spammable. Decreasing reload/arm times without testing them more could be counterproductive to the goal.

I think this is because brawlers drive player interaction more often and for longer periods.

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This is probably my new favorite patch. There’s some really precious gems in there if you know where to look.


I have deuteranopia. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Update: OMG, finally able to see Arc Mine halos. What a difference. And most importantly: I can reliably see cloaked hunter footprints!

Do tranqs stll effectively negate Movement Speed perk/buff?

Are his Repulsor Field angles still 90 degrees either direction against all monsters?

Did the 5.1.1 pistol damage nerf that was omitted from PC make it to PC?

If so, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Any other Behemoth fixes? (will update this list as I am able to answer them myself if I experience them)

  • Rock Wall gaps still form, effectively god doming himself for a few seconds
  • Tongue Grab does damage, but doesn’t pull the target (hunters or wildlife)
  • Hunters can jetpack out of a successful tongue grab (NOT FIXED)
  • Fissure still fizzles on occasion
  • Tiny wildlife such as Obsidian Grubs, Canyon Striders, and Demon Space Monkeys Reavers interfere with traversal disproportionate to being hit by a giant rolling boulder monster (NOT FIXED). Small destructibles do the same (NOT FIXED). Destructible wood or metal barriers (like those throughout Broken Hill Mine) do the same.
  • Tongue Grab or Fissure that kills wildlife can result in crazy ragdoll physics where the corpse ends up in unpredictable, unseeable, and/or unreachable locations (NOT FIXED)

No Arena no armor Bug fix ? O.o

Thx god no nerfs for.him. Kraken got more life which is very well done. But they forgot to nerf sunnys Jetpackboost and val in General. If they will Do this finally, this game would have the perfekt Balance

Remember that monster limb/body values have been rejigged, so you may well find that while his damage is lower all round, his damage is reduced less for Kraken and Wraith. I suggest giving it some time playing as Bucket, it’s clearly a damage nerf, but I genuinely feel it’s not as bad as people are making out from the notes alone.

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I’m also wondering whether each of these Behemoth bugs have been fixed. As people have said, these are game-breaking bugs.

Also, the changes to Behemoth’s hitboxes are a good step towards making Behemoth more viable, but I’m not sure I agree with the armour and damage nerfs (especially if the aforementioned bugs still exist).

Nah they fixed that.

Oh great this Bug was so annoying like the Tounge Grab bug

Not receiving credits for masteries. @MidnightRoses sorry tablets being silly and your the only one I can tag =P


Slim hasn’t changed . And all community agreed he was the worst before the patch .

Only 10 additional healing in this patch

He is better now for sure . But he is not the type of healer good team is looking for to protect single target . I feel 15 additional healing could make him very well balanced . Utility yes he is good because he can use healing drone + spore cloud to protect others [support mostly] + do an insane damage as medic while getting healing burst

well i’ve played a bit bucket (only at solo in arena atm) and right now i’m very very disappointed…
i mean in the whole match i was placing sentrys because the AI kept destroying them…and when they were up they were not to strong…ive played 2 matches in arena (3-3 round) once 4k with turrets,4k with rockets, and in the other 6 k with turrets and 1.5k with rockets against AI goliath. before these numbers were a lot higher.
i’ve played a lot with him online i think i’ve over 60 hours and over 250 wins with him(he is my most played character as well) mostly in hunt and i think this is his weakest version ever.
buckets strength has to be the damage output because he has nothing else except cloak to help the team, mostly at body camping, and its not a problem from my pov if he is able to do more damage then the assault sometimes because a lot of times the assault dies in laz comps and you have to deliver the damage, to make body camping dangerous.
the thing is with sentrys, traps and mines is that they were easy to spam but much more easy to destroy. now you have less of them so you just have to keep replace all the time.and they maybe have buffed range but there are so many objects that can break line of sight so in many cases it wont help.
It is what it is now, we have to live with it, but i hope trs will do something about this, give the sentrys more health, or more damage, or more accuracy, or faster arm time (the range is amazing though) or the combination of these i don’t know.
his previous version maybe was a bit too strong against new monster players( but for them every hunter seems op, till they learn how to do it), but he was barely enough against decent monsters who know how to play monster properly, but that version was a strong OK!
it was only my first impression though, maybe today i can play online with some friends, and see how it goes. but its not a good start…

@10shredder00 @Plaff What does this mean for us? :sob:

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I’ve updated my post with any bugs I’ve encountered in game since patch 6.0.1 went live. It unfortunately seems that most Behemoth bugs have been neglected yet again. I’m sure most if not all of these bugs are in code; only a title update can fix them. We’re looking at another several weeks of game-breaking Behemoth bugs if that’s the case :disappointed_relieved:

For me, this was the determining factor on whether I purchased Season Pass 2. As a Behemoth main, I’m voting with my dollar. My current vote is “no confidence.”


He’s saying they’d never completely take out say… Decoy and replace it for something else on a Wraith adaption.

It also means depression and sadness for us.

But we didn’t ask for the ability to get replaced, we just want it to work more responsively.

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So why’re you whinging? It’s still possible that they do something to Decoy.

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