[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion

I’m not liking Tovald vs gorgon. His Kit is horrible vs mimic and minions. Gorgon’s nimbleness is really good. Hititng mortars will be tough.

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As a Griffin main, this really bums me out. Especially since I hadn’t played Evolve in months (Prior to the Val buff specifically that made her solid with Griff/Sunny/x assault comps.)

That 10m nerf on his harpoon gun with his already sluggish reload is probably going to be best with movement speed perk to land some critical cc to keep up with fleeing monsters or item switch to make sure he can pull off some damage in between harpoons. Granted I’m confident in my aiming with him, it’s still gong to be rough with those missed shots and precious seconds to keep a contained monster, let alone while a monster is focusing a target in the party further away. I can’t say increase the durability of the tether since that would still defeat the purpose.

The 5 to 3 with sound spikes Griffin also realllllly puts a harsh hit on him since it now chokes his stage 2-3 game with tracking. While sneaking renders most of his tracking null, doesn’t mean a monster can slip up with carrion birds to break stealth and run for it to help keep pressure on in those effective split second changes in the tide of a hunt. 2 less spikes is more so about placing them in hot spots of wild life activity or caverns where carrion birds can’t ping on carcasses. Less out in the field where Griffin shined, and almost more of a guessing game after pings despite the diameter buff.

The only suggestion I might make to potentially even his spikes out would be to adjust spike diameter to each map specifically to account for how massive some maps are compared to others. While this would still be a choice of making sure each planted spike is in key points, they can still be manageable in creating choke points while spanning across bigger maps.

Im glad bout the nerf for harpoon + Val tranq non stop chasing.

Glad with the spore cloud 7secs ,and caira heal burst buff :slight_smile:

Can anybody explain to me what happened to Parnell and Sunny? I’m confused.

Edit for another question: @MacMan, what’s the rational for nerfing Val’s healburst by 18? I agree with the nerf, I’m just curious as to the methodology to determine such a specific number.

I’m glad Parnell didn’t really get touched. But liking the new blast radius AND the no knockback on the RL. That means no more canceling out my sprint at close range.

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its a change in the size of the explosion and/or detonation radius basically.

parnell’s rockets have a larger explosion, mininuke has a slightly smaller explosion

Oh, do they have diminished damage based on distance? So there’s min distance for highest damage, and a max distance where the damage falls off to? I’m just wondering why there’s a min and max radius.

correct. it’s a fall off.

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I seem to recall a bunch of abduction fixes. Makes sense they would have been in this update.



since you’re here. Were the arc mine damage fixed? i believe the last patch was suppose to make them 600. however i was told this didnt work on PC and they stayed at 550 on PC.

can you confirm this or give me an update please for my databases?

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Tranq also does not affect leap smash, charge speed, etc. Usually doesn’t affect abilities.

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But it affects mimic?

Should be in for realz this time, but I have not verified.

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okay. i will update my markov database accordingly for 600damage on the arc mines then. should only take about 2 mins.

I will however assume that the 6.0.1 patch notes will be incomplete at least for another 24hours?

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Wait this was not actually in? lol

I guess I never noticed even though I play markov so much :sweat_smile: oops.
now I just feel silly >.>



finished updating Markov for 600damage on arc mines. all values adjusted


OG is by far the best counter for laz

Laz is extremely vulnerable once good OG monster face him

Health Regen is just useless .

After buffing fire breath . Laz isn’t a viable option

Also any support . This is unbelievable that cloak become pretty mush doesn’t do what it’s meant to be to protect the characters

Look at patch notes

health regeneration only works outside of combat anyway and has a few seconds of delay before starting.

Laz is easily countered as any monster. I do it well as wraith that has no way to reveal him in cloak.

If one can do that a s wraith, then it really isn’t a problem with goliath, it is a problem with laz. As in that he is super predictable and thus, easy to counter.

Dang was so excited to reinstall and give this another shot. Then I saw they across the board buffed slim and that told me all I need to know. Someone who has been arguably op for the longest time gets across the board buffs, no surprise at the state of the amount of players.