[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion

I’m on ps4 and I’ve been on the previous patch note before this?

I play it all the time :confused:

Like I said, every.little.bit.helps.

On the one hand, this means that to avoid being affected hunters will need to stay grounded. Exactly where Gorgon wants them with its acid.

On the other hand, I dont think this will affect wall-climbing with low/no fuel…

I’ll admit I’m a little sad to see what feels like the first actual monster CC going away; knockback from charge/vortex/melee has been nerfed hard, and I’m not sure if abduct/tongue grab count as ‘CC’.

I was hoping to see something about Hunt 2.0 matchmaking speeds. Or at least X1 crash fixes. My Hunt 2.0 experience is so plagued with crashes and game freezing. That kills the experience even more than matchmaking times.

I’ve seen it in Skirmish too - the blackhole “Waiting for players” lobbies that never start, and keep letting new players connect as old players give up and leave…

There’s one right there :stuck_out_tongue: There may also have been a few more that we don’t have listed. It seems some of our bug fixes did not make it onto the patch notes this time. I’m investigating this now.

I was referring specifically to Hunt 2.0 where I spend most my time.

Indeed, I imagine they were seeing higher damage output or something with Val comps and so decided that little bit needed to come off :stuck_out_tongue:

POssibly, still don’t like it though.

Also it looks like weapon swap reload glitch is STILL there but it’s kinda fixed…really sad about that.

Yeah. I’ll add it.

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I’m so happy ;_; cries tears of joy

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Except 500 damage over 15 minutes doesn’t actually do anything worthwhile.

Probably cause of the chase comp which they haven’t actually done anything to other than making griffin that much weaker on his own.

Well I guess I’m done talking to you about it then.

About that behemoth buff. Man I am NOT feeling a big difference in it. I still see him getting melted fast…just not as fast as before.

I kinda knew this wouldn’t help him much. And I KNEW a nerf was coming with it. Those health and armor nerfs are going to hurt.

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Yeah it’s only gonna affect Parnell against behemoth. Hyde Torvald are still gonna wreck Markovs and Lennox are still gonna be decent.

So anyone notice wraiths stun lock got fixed?

Did they buff her somehow to help her out? Cuz that thing was the only reason she was vaible in competitive.

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Well thats gonna be fun trying to win against Val Sunny Griffin with no tumble lock. Atleast they got nerfed right? Oh wait…

Well time for wraith to be non viable again… or is it still?


And Wraith still gets nerfed :expressionless:

Yea I feel wraith mains are gonna have a rough time from now on until wraith gets buffed.

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Oh thats so sad… you actually think they’re ever going to buff Wraith?