[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion

Is the weapon swap reload glitch fixed too? Would LOVE to know it is. Also Val nerfs…so you guys reverted her tranq duration back to vanilla time eh? That’s fine. I don’t like the marker nerf though. Any particular reason why that was done?



No tag!?


Thanks bro

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You should be able to.

I think hunt is down currently though.

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Sorry! Love you :heart:

Also the HB for TM’s got a slight nerf to on Val…I guess that sucks but eh. Just the marker nerf sucks. I was expecting a much worse nerf for tranqs and rifle though. Thankfully that never happened.


Continuing the discussion from Patch 6.0.1 Notes:

One of my favorite updates!!!

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Never mind. It just popped up.

Wooooo! This is awesome, I was making time in my schedule to play it tomorrow. I shall drink to this while it downloads! (I hope it’s not against the forum rules to talk about alcohol consumption)

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I want to elite her tomorrow, with any luck. :D:D:D:D

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Heh, here comes the mandatory race to elite :stuck_out_tongue: I will eventually because I play mostly solo, I enjoy eliting monsters first. Oh, I have a great night ahead, this makes me happy :smiley:

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I don’t think it’s in the notes, but it looks to me (or sounds to me) like the sound levels have been rebalanced this update. It’s much easier to hear wildlife now, so much so that on my first go I was confused as hell.

I’m also getting the impression that changes have been made to how quick the thunderdome toast displays to “spoil” the fact you caught the monster? Might just be my perception though


when sunny shoot gorgon it glitches for me anybody has this.

It doesn’t seem like those are all the notes to me.

Like did the arc mines get fixed on PC? They didn’t take the last patch

@DamJess @MacMan
It’s still probably too early to ask but figured I would

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Well, I’ve only a few games under my belt, but it feels good. Real good strides on audio and the whole visual stuff. love the new waypoint markers, the new lobby sounds, also the front menu for Quick Play is super sweet now too.

Gorgon seems to play as I’d expect, using her web sling to go from defensive to offensive fast is fun. Indirect is the word though, very rarely does it feel like you’re doing anything to the hunters!

I’ll play a sad song now too for our Griffin. It’s not that the changes make him underpowered necessarily, but just a little more joy has gone from playing him. I get that monsters are meant to be able to get away from the dome fights unless they’re trash monsters, but it just doesn’t leave much to have fun with as Griffin any more. I hope the devs get a chance to consider making the change to his harpoon gun that stops him being this halfway house between CC on the move and CC in combat. His range is too small for outside the dome, and his reload is too slow to be truly meaningful inside the dome.

If we’re nerfing Griffin to help monsters escape, then let’s nerf his range a little more and bump up that reload by a fraction of a second, yes? :slight_smile:

So I’ve played as hunter, I’ve played as monster, and on both accounts the game feels sluggish. It’s not fluid anymore. Hank’s shield is doing this weird thing where it shields, stops, then shields again (destroying it’s effectiveness). Gorgon is just… no.

Bucket is pretty worthless now. The sentries don’t even shoot the little Gorgon minions and you can get hit with acid even if you’re not standing in the pool…

This has been pretty disappointing so far.

My X1 is still downloading but no one else has mentioned this. Might be an issue on your end. What is your platform?

He is on pc. :wink:

@Hazardus has it always been like this or only since this title update.

Check your settings, I found that my vsync had been turned on.

5% whoopdy doo…

Most hunters barely hit them anyways not like its actually gonna affect her damage.

It’s that they should have nerfed the other members of the chase comp not a miniscule change to tranq which won’t actually make a difference and just nerfing the damage of Sunny when its not the actual problem…

Every little bit helps. And getting 500 bonsu dmg with the markers meant 1000 dmg altogether. Remember the markers gave BONUS dmg on top of what’s already being done. So if the bonus dmg is 500 you’re getting 1000 dmg out of it.