[Patch 6.0.1] Discussion

Yeah. The notes are usually done in “waves”, so they get added to a little. At least, it was this way with the 5.0 patch. It usually means there are a lot of changes and/or fixes.

(Not directly at you, but your post was about the missing info, so…)

Rebinding the “Minimap” key doesn’t seem to work. I usually have it at M.

Rebinding it doesn’t actually do anything - Tab still opens it for me alongside the player list.
A quick tap toggles it, holding it… well, holds it. This intended?

Edit: There’s 3 versions of this function: In “Shared Inputs”, in “Hunter” and in “Monster”.
Binding 1 unbinds the others. The “Shared Inputs” I can confirm doesn’t actually affect me.
In other words, it’s impossible for me to rebind the minimap key.

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Some changes are pretty good, such as Parnell buff, Tranq nerf, Slim healing buff, but some are just weird. Maggie buff? Griffin nerf? Seriously? Also, no Wraith/Goliath fixes/buffs at all?

Checking this now.

Goliath went unchanged?

No fixes to his traversal? Goliath flying across map when stubbing his toe when leaping? Or losing all momentum when hitting the slightest step?


Hm… No dmg buff to sentries? Ah… Well its official, Bucket is dead again… Why… Just why ._.


Yes, what happened to the buffs? I think they left that out.


Stage 1 increased to 8000 (was 7000)
Stage 2 increased to 13000 (was 11500)
Stage 3 increased to 18000 (was 16000)
Are you seriously kidding me?

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Ahh I see the bug there, Logging it now.

Pretty sure the notes are unfinished as even behemoth with confirmed bug fixes doesn’t have a single note about them so I suggest you wait.

This has to be an omission. There’s no way that they reduce turrets from 5 to 3 and only adjust minimum fire distance. For that matter, what is minimum fire distance?

Gorgon is out go look at your evolve RIGHT NOW

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This change was made because of the HUGE impact Kraken’s hitbox adjustment had. Please try fighting a Kraken :wink:

Yeah if that is a complete list of Bucket changes then RIP Bucket it was fun while it lasted. His sentry nests might have been a pain in the ass for monsters but if at least a portion of the damage from those two missing sentries isn’t getting shunted elsewhere, and his UAV is still as useless situational as ever, I don’t think he’ll be worth picking anymore.

Then again, maybe the changes will bring him back in line with Cabot again - time will tell, I guess.


Yeah no Nerf to the most OP Area of damage in the game hands down! NERF the After shock!!!

I hope they missed something in that part of the notes… :cry:


Maxed out the ability only chunks you for 430 damage though.

It’s completely dodgeable in its current state and its damage isn’t something that hits extremely hard so in other words and the general consensus being the fact that it isn’t an OP ability.

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The Patch before this increased LVL 3 ability modifiers for Goliath. It was said that this was a test and that it may be done for the other monsters as well. Has anything there changed?

Just saw a bug on sources stream where using mimic caused a real gorgon to just stand in front of assault after it burst and source took crazy damage from across the map. No hunters were even close to him or had line of sight.

Why isn’t the update being completed for ps4? I keep trying and it just says free up storage space. I doubt this update needs more than 47 gigs lol